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{Yandex} Red Kebaya Bokeh Videos – Lots of searches on google about Bokeh Kebaya Merah. Of course, this is a very popular discussion on various social media.

Are you curious about this Red Kebaya Bokeh? So congratulations on entering the Spot72 website. Because here you will get complete information and the original link.

It is known now that a complete red kebaya video is viral in Indonesia, where in the video there is a woman wearing a red kebaya entering a hotel room in Indonesia.

It is also reported that the video comes from a hotel located in the bali area. The video shows a woman carrying an ashtray into a room containing a man.

Now curious about the video, if you are curious about the video, in this review I will discuss all the information and interesting facts about the full Red kebaya video as follows.

About the Full Red Kebaya Woman Video

Based on the information obtained, if it turns out to be a full-length film full red kebaya woman video it was intentionally made by someone. Actually, the video was also made with a full duration of about 16 minutes.

But because videos have scenes that cannot be widely published, only a few sites provide video links.

Most of them only provide footage, especially the video recording of the woman in the red kebaya at the beginning of the video when she wants to enter the hotel room.

In the video, the woman deliberately brought an ashtray as an excuse to enter the hotel room. After the woman in the red kebaya managed to enter the room, the woman deliberately bullied the man in the room.

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This red kebaya film also seems to be made if a professional video editor, and of course using image and video editing applications. Watch 16 Minutes Red Kebaya Woman UnCensored Full Video right here.

Video Editing Applications Like the Viral Kebaya Red 16 Minutes

There are many editing applications that can be used to create videos such as Kebaya Merah Ful Duration Film, without using PC video editing applications or video editing applications on Android.

Here’s a little explanation of what applications can be used to make Indonesian cinematic videos.

Adobe Premiere

Who hasn’t heard of Adobe Premiere Pro? where this application is really famous as one of the best video editing applications for PCs or laptops.

Adobe Premiere Pro Android also has many features that can be used to edit videos, and then save them directly to the gallery automatically.

Here you can also edit videos manually by entering various effects and music already available in the app. Then you can directly share your edits on social media.

Filmora Go

Filmora video editing application is a very popular application for PC devices, This application is developed by a famous developer called Adobe.

If you often use your PC to edit videos, you must know every tool in this application. Now you can use Filmora Go only from android.

Although different from its small size capacity, this application has capabilities that are not inferior to the PC version.

Most of them use FilmoraGo to create beautiful bokeh video effects. Focusing on things just gets better with effects in this app. One of them is in making videos such as the red kebaya film which is now viral on social media.

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The next video editing app is InShot. This application is very popular in playstore because of its ease of use, many people use InShot apk to create bokeh video effects.

InShot also provides automatic editing features, especially when creating videos with a bokeh effect. All you have to do is decide which video you want to add the museum bokeh effect to.


This is a bokeh video editor for Android that is widely used by video makers. This app feature is probably the most complete for video editing on Android.

You can do a lot of things from creating a bokeh effect to adding effects or transitions to your edited video.

Interestingly, there are many online plugins or presets that can be used in the kinemaster app. So video editing doesn’t have to start at 0 and just make some changes.

Using Kinemaster to edit videos like red kebaya films is very easy. Moreover, there are many tutorials that discuss it on the internet, both on blogs and on Youtube. Become a great video editor using just a smartphone With Kinemaster.

Power Director

Besides Kinemaster, Power Director is also a very popular video maker application on the Playstore. Its quality is evidenced by the rating and the number of reviews around 4.5 and a number of downloads of more than 100 million.

Power Director has full functionality and can also create effects that other Android video editors cannot. How to make a viral video will certainly be very easy.

Videos made with Power Director will look really good. This is because in the application there is an excellent level of customization. Perfect for those who care about details or have experience editing videos.

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But to use all the features of this App, you have to use the premium version which of course you have to make a payment to subscribe to this premium version.

Action Director

For those of you who want to edit bokeh videos without having to think about any technique, you can try this application called Action Director. Action Director provides multiple automation effects in just one touch.

You can easily create bokeh video effects, and of course the results will be better because the background looks blurry, especially with bright objects.

Although Action Director is not as popular as the apps mentioned above, it is actually used by video editors on Android. This is proven by the fact that this application has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Playstore.

How to Watch a 16 Minute Red Kebaya Viral Video

Now that you are familiar with several applications that can be used to make videos of the Red kebaya, it’s time for you to view the full length videos. That way, you’ll know how to make great videos. Watch 16 Minutes Red Kebaya Woman UnCensored Full Video right here.

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