Who is Ryan Waller? Arizona Murder Case Victim Dies What Happened To Him?

Who is Ryan Waller? Arizona Murder Case Victim Dies What Happened To Him?
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According to reports, Arizona murder case victim Ryan Waller died in the Christmas Day break-in shooting. The case happens to be quite old but it has gotten into trend now. Netizens have expressed their curiosity to learn about the matter and due to this reason, it is trending on multiple social media platforms. If you are also keen to know about the full matter and about the deceased and what happened to him and his fiancee, check out the article below. Scroll below for more details regarding the same.

Who is Ryan Waller Arizona Murder Case Victim Dies What Happened To Him

It occurred sometime in the afternoon on December 23, 2006. Waller Carver was seeking vengeance for what was believed to have been a previous altercation when Ritchie Carver, Larry Carver’s son, and Waller Carver showed up at Waller’s door. Either in their own rooms or the living room, Ryan and his girlfriend were seated. They lived in the same house with Ryan, Alicia, Heather, and another roommate.

Who is Ryan Waller?

But that day, Alicia had already left the house. Ryan and Heather had rented out the home, which is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac. Ryan tried to close the door as soon as the intruders tried to enter his house. Ryan is shot twice in the head by Richie, one of the robbers, who enters the house. When Ryan fell to the ground at that moment, Richie and his father, Larry, thought Ryan had passed away.

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Then, they shot his girlfriend Heather Quan because they didn’t want any witnesses who would result in their arrest. Ryan’s father allegedly called the police and reported a case about his son not answering him. When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, they found Ryan Waller with an eye wound and Heather Quan dead. The shootings actually occurred on Christmas Day 2006 in the afternoon, according to the authorities.

The man who raised Ryan, Don, claimed that he had regularly spoken to his son and his girlfriend to remind them of the forthcoming Christmas meal. After getting no response from their son, Don and his wife (Waller’s mother) drove to their son’s home. No one replied when they rang the doorbell and peered in from the outside. They called the cops later. Late that day, after Alicia had gone home, the police arrived. When the police knocked on Ryan and Heather’s door, no one answered. Follow spot72.com for more such updates and the latest and trending news.

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