Who Is Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland? Fort Worth Police Arrest Man Accused of Robbery

Who Is Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland? Fort Worth Police Arrest Man Accused of Robbery
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Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland both were arrested and charged by Fort Worth police and this news is gathering a lot of attention from the netizens. They both were arrested in connection to a robbery of a convenience store and a fatal shooting incident also occurred in this robbery. In this shooting, a dog died and this incident was done two weeks ago. There are so many people who share their responses to this incident and raised various questions related to this incident, So here we are going to share some information related to this incident read this article.

Who Is Donovin Copeland

According to the information, Donovin is an 18-year-old and Billy is a 21-year-old boy and they both are brothers. They both were arrested on Saturday 14 January 2023 when robbery detectives know where is Donovin Copeland. He was also wanted for many other aggravated robberies and involves in various other criminal cases. He was hidden in an apartment in southwest Fort Worth which is situated near the 6200 block of Vega Drive. They both were already covered after the area was under surveillance as leaving the flat in a car. From this evidence, officers came there and found them both, and now they both are under custody.

Who Is Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland?

As per the reports of authorities, Billy had a revolver that had been taken by his brother at the time of the robbery. After checking the apartment, a rifle was founded by the officers and now they both are taken under custody by the Police department of Fort Worth. Billy is accused of his crime of having unlawful possession of a firearm and helping a fugitive. The investigation is continued and the court will confirm its final decision. More charges could be filed as the continuing of investigation according to the police.

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The police were called to the Market of Sunny for an aggravated robbery at 6001 N at around 1:30 on Monday 2 January 2023. The FWPD presented security footage that showed the suspect’s attempt and getting the cash register while the employee’s dog named Peanut approached him. There is a video is also available which shows the complete robbery in which we can see a boy robbing the cash counter and he kills the dog when the dog tries to stop him in his robbery. There is not much information coming forward and stay connected with Spot72.com to get more articles related to the latest news and other news topics articles.

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