Who are J-Pop Group Travis Japan? AGT Contestants Audition Performance Video Get Whole Detail

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Today we’re talking about Who are J-Pop Group Travis Japan? AGT Contestants Audition Performance Video

J-pop group Travis Japan has been garnering a lot of attention on the internet lately. They are among the many talented contestants who auditioned on Season 17 of America’s Got Talent (AGT). With their synchronized moves and distinct personalities, the group impressed both the judges and the live audience. Consists of seven members, the song-and-dance entertainment group was formed in 2012 under the supervision of Travis Payne, an American choreographer. Here, in this article, let us check who are J-pop group Travis Japan and more details about them. Read the article to the end.

J-Pop Group Travis Japan

Managed by the legendary Japanese talent agency Johnny and Associates, Travis Japan is a Japanese pop group. The group was in Johnny’s junior unit in 2012 and gave their first stage performance as children. It was when they auditioned for popular American choreographer Travis Payne. Talking about the seven members of the group, it includes Kaito Matsukura, Ryuya Shimekake, Shizuya Yoshizawa, Kaito Miyachika, Noel Kawashima, Kaito Nakamura, and, Genta Matsuda. Apart from them, Nakada Hiroki, Morita Myuto, Kajiyama Asahi, and Abe Aran were the former members of the group. When they were formed in 2012, their group was divided into two.

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The two groups include Ani-gumi (an older brother group of Nakada, Kawashima, Morita, Shimekake) and Otouto-gumi (a younger brother group consisting of Yoshizawa, Nakamura, Abe, Miyachika, Kajiyama). For Kondo Masahiko’s 35th anniversary tour in 2015, they were chosen as dancers. In 2016, At Johnny’s Ginza, the team performed as a nine-member crew and were praised for their dancing skills and unbeatable spirit. Despite getting praise and applause, Abe Aran expressed his desire to leave the band and after that, the group continued performing as an 8-member dance group. Later, in 2017, Nakada also left the group to pursue other opportunities.

It was at the end of March 2022, that the AGT contestants decided to polish their skills as performers and build their careers in Hollywood. They have been taking English lessons and improving their dancing and singing skills in Los Angeles ever since. Reportedly, the J-pop group also performed in the World of Dance Championship Series Orange County 2022. They even went on to bag a third place in the Team Division along with the Crowd Favorite and the Best Costumes awards. They are quite popular on Instagram with more than 841K followers. The team has done plenty of concerts and shows in Japan and other countries as well. Follow for more such updates.


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