What is the release date of Andrew and Tristan Tate from jail after they are arrested for sex trafficking in Romania

What is the release date of Andrew and Tristan Tate from jail after they are arrested for sex trafficking in Romania
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As the investigation into human trafficking proceeds, Andrew Tate imprisonment in Romania has been prolonged. by an additional 30 days, know his new release date

Tate will remain behind bars for at least until February 27 for now.

What is the release date of Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate from jail after he’s arrested for sex trafficking in Romania

The Tate brothers were initially detained on December 29, but their time in custody was quickly extended to 30 days. They unsuccessfully contested this 30-day custody period. The prosecution is then permitted by the Romanian court to request an additional extension for a maximum of 180 days. The Tate brothers will now remain in custody until at least February 27, a further 30 days, along with two other women who were also detained as part of the inquiry. The assets of Andrew Tate, including numerous high-end vehicles, have also been taken.

They were detained by DIICOT, Romania’s anti-terrorism and organised crime agency, as part of a human trafficking investigation. However, there have been no formal charges against the Tate brothers yet. Tate has been using his social media accounts to refute the allegations, calling the accusers “morons” for thinking he is a human trafficker.

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The brothers further asserted through their attorney that aside from the victim’s admissions, there is no proof to back up claims of rape or human trafficking. While the inquiry is ongoing, prosecutors may argue for 30-day extensions of Tate’s custody up to a total of 180 days.

What has been the story so far?

Tate, a former kickboxer, has millions of fans despite being banned from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He is charged with making anti-feminist remarks. The 36-year-old dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States was detained on December 29 in Bucharest alongside his brother Tristan and two Romanian ladies.

Tate’s residence was raided in December about the abduction of two girls. Following a heated Twitter argument with Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg, Andrew Tate recently made headlines. The story gained notoriety later.

When Tate tagged Greta Thunberg in a tweet about his 33 vehicles and their emissions, the fight between the two people got began. The social media celebrity earlier boasted about breaking a woman’s jaw in a bar brawl and claimed he got away with it in a podcast.


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