Viral TikTokers Pattra Suspected of Sexual Harassment Get Whole Detail

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Today we’re talking about Viral TikTokers Pattra Suspected of Sexual Harassment

Viral TikTokers Pattra – The name tiktokers Pattra or commonly known as ‘Father Online’ is currently in the spotlight and a hot conversation among netizens on Tiktok social media and Twitter. This is due to an upload on Twitter, where a woman admitted that she had received unpleasant treatment in the form of sexual harassment from Pattra.

This immediately became viral and discussed on various social media, where they were furious with the actions of Pattra who allegedly attempted to rape the woman. In addition, the netizens were also furious with Pattra’s actions, which seemed not to show her guilt in the video she uploaded.

In the video he uploaded, Pattra said that there was nothing that needed to be clarified, even though he said that this was actually not important to discuss. This made the comments in Pattra’s video upload flooded by comments from netizens who mostly disagreed with Pattra’s attitude.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss more about the facts and information related to the viral incident of Pattra tiktokers who allegedly sexually harassed a woman.

Who is Tiktokers Pattra who went viral for allegedly committing sexual harassment

viral tiktokers pattra

For those of you who don’t know who the viral tiktokers Pattra is who has been talked about a lot lately by netizens, let’s look at the following information. You need to know, Pattra is a content creator as well as a singer from Papua who is known through a Tiktok account named @si_pattra2.

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This eastern man is known to often share advice or wise advice to netizens on Tiktok, thus making him the father of online. Despite having a sturdy posture and strong muscles, Pattra also has a sense of humor that can make his followers laugh through various random content on his Tiktok account.

It is known that online father or Pattra has the full name Falentino Pattra, but he is more often called Si Pattra. Besides having talent as a content creator, Pattra also turns out to have a melodious voice and can play musical instruments. Pattra is part of a music group called BLVCKLINE and is known to often perform at various events.

Viral Uploads Tiktokers Pattra Suspected of Sexual Harassment, Here’s the Chronology

The name tiktokers Pattra became viral on tiktok and also Twitter after an upload on Twitter that claimed to have been sexually harassed by Pattra. Through a Twitter social media account named @keturunanathena, the woman admitted that she was an acquaintance of Pattra from social media who then decided to meet and chat in person.

In the treads, the woman with the initials Jo tells of the beginning of her meeting with Pattra who met in Kemang village. He admitted that he was really interested in talking to Pattra and exchanging ideas, because he thought that Pattra had good thoughts. He also said that Pattra did show a good personality on his Tiktok account.

After meeting and chatting for a while, the two of them planned to move to another public place, but before moving Pattra asked the woman to accompany him home for a while with the aim of changing clothes.

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The attempted rape incident occurred when the woman accompanied Pattra home, where Pattra committed acts that led to sexual harassment. He reveals that Pattra suddenly kissed him and was about to forcibly move his body onto the bed.

The woman admitted that she had tried to scream and reject Pattra’s treatment, but Pattra didn’t care about it and continued to act to rape the woman.

Although the action was finally stopped, the woman admitted that she was traumatized by the incident. He also deeply regretted Pattra’s attitude which seemed normal and felt innocent, even seemed to forget the incident.

The viral upload of Pattra’s tiktokers who allegedly committed sexual harassment received various comments from netizens who believed that there were other victims besides the woman.

TikTok Pattra Celebrity Viral Uploads That Makes Netizens Angry

Meanwhile, through his Tiktok account, Pattra seems to have uploaded an apology video regarding a similar incident, but not addressed to Jo, but to a woman named Iren.

In the video he uploaded, Pattra said that he would not provide any clarification because he had nothing to clarify. In fact, he also mentioned that the viral news regarding his name was not too important to discuss.

The netizens themselves seemed to be flooding the comments column on the upload, most of which did not agree with the attitude shown by Pattra. There are also comments from netizens who claim to be surprised by this incident, because all this time Pattra has always shown a good attitude by giving advice to his followers on social media.

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Finally, that’s all for information regarding the viral news of Pattra’s tiktokers who are suspected of committing acts of sexual harassment, hopefully this information can be useful and always update with the latest information from our site.


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