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Spot72.com this time we will discuss the Politics of the Kalingga Kingdom – the Buddhist Hindu Kingdom originating from the 6th century BC Chr. Derived from Central Java. The location of the center of this kingdom is unclear, perhaps somewhere within the Jepara and Pekalongan Regencies.

The Kingdom of Holing (Kalingga) has been estimated to have developed around the 7th century to the 9th century and includes a Hindu-style kingdom. Where the center of the Kalingga Kingdom is is not known for sure.

Then, how is the politics in Kalingga Kingdom? In this discussion, we will convey clearly and completely. For a full review, come on… Check out the explanation as follows.

What is Kalinga Kingdom?

Politics of the Kingdom of Kalinga

Kalingga Kingdom or Something as Chinese sources call it, it was a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom originating from the Central Java region around in the 6th century AD. The location of the center of the kingdom is unclear, perhaps in a place with Jepara Regency and Pekalongan Regency.

Historical sources in a kingdom that is still not obscure and clear. They are largely derived from local narrative traditions, Chinese records, and a manuscript Carita Parahyangan that was compiled centuries later in the 16th century.

Kalinga existed in a 6th century AD and its existence is known from a Chinese source. In that kingdom, which was once ruled by a Queen Shima, who was known to have a rule about who stole, and that hand would be cut off.

Records in history regarding the presence of the Kalingga Kingdom come from 2 main sources, namely local manuscript historical records and Chinese historical chronicles, together with a local oral record which mentions a legendary Queen Shima.

Kalinga Kingdom Political Life

In a 7th century AD, Queen Sima had reigned over the king. The law, that is, can be obeyed so that in calm and peace it can work well in the world.

According to the Parahhayang scriptures, a Queen Sima had a granddaughter named Sanaha, who would marry King Brantasenawa of a royal dynasty.

Sanaha namely has a son who has a name namely Sanjaya, whose class will be by becoming a king of ancient times. After the Queen’s death, the Kalingga Kingdom was conquered by the Sriwijaya government.

Location and Territory of the Kingdom of Kalingga

Chinese records can also show that the site and within an area of ​​the Kalingga Kingdom, may be in the Pekalongan area. The capital city is already surrounded by a wall of wooden pillars.

The king lives in the territory of a skyscraper which is very large in shape. The roof was made of palm trees, the throne in the kingdom was made of ivory.

Jepara, which can be said to be the center of government for the Kalingga Kingdom, is due to the existence of a place called Keling. While in the Pekalongan area it is considered the Kalingga area, that kingdom can be built in the Pekalongan section, an old port. The name of this city is related to a Kalingga name, namely Pe-Kaling-an.

Time of Kalingga Kingdom’s Success

The success against the Kalingga Kingdom that occurred during the reign of Queen Shima from 674 to 732 AD. Fairness and honesty is very high. In very strict law enforcement, for example cutting off the hands of those who are proven to have stolen.

Kalingga is the capital of the Kalingga Kingdom. This area is known to be very fertile, therefore the people depend heavily on agriculture for their livelihood. Even in a trade their products reach China.

Time of the Collapse of the Kalingga Kingdom

There was a success against the Kalingga Kingdom, which did not last long. Ever since Queen Shima had died and the throne was inherited, there had been signs of decay. It was the culmination of an attack on the Srivijaya Kingdom. Businesses were confiscated and residents of Kalingga were forced to flee to a hinterland on the island of Java.

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Thus the discussion this time, we have conveyed clearly and completely the Politics of the Kingdom of Kalingga. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.

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