TikTok Viral Harry Potter Bracelet, Here’s the Full Explanation! Get Whole Detail

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Today we’re talking about TikTok Viral Harry Potter Bracelet, Here’s the Full Explanation!

Not long ago, many netizens were looking for information related to the viral tiktok harry potter bracelet. Are you also questioning this? If you are curious, see the explanation that I will give.

Social media is a place where we can find a lot of new things. Especially at this time, users of social media applications are diverse, some are children and some are adults.

It’s no wonder that nowadays, more and more people know or look for things he finds on the Internet. With the development of technology as it is today, many viral events are very easily spread on the Internet.

One application that often presents or introduces viral events on the Internet is TikTok. Are you a TikTok user? If so, surely you’ve seen a video or caption that tells about the Harry Potter bracelet.

On a TikTok and Youtube application, many influencers or celebrities are discussing about the bracelet. This has also caused a lot of discussion among Indonesians who have a very high sense of curiosity.

Especially with the characteristics of Indonesian people who have a fairly high curiosity. If you have heard the viral sentence, then Indo people will find out more about it. Are you one of those people? If you enter this blog, it must have been proven, right?

Well, even though there are many celebrities and YouTubers discussing this, I will continue to explain in more detail about this, so please refer to the explanation that I will give here to the end. So that later, there will be no misunderstandings in exploring something that is currently happening.

A Brief About Harry Potter Bracelet TikTok Viral

harry potter bracelet viral tiktok

For those of you who are wondering why so many people or content on applications such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube discuss Harry Potter Bracelets. This bracelet is being promoted on social media because of its shape and uniqueness.

This bracelet has 12 pendulum displays that represent the magical world of children’s books and films that are very famous around the world, such as scars, glasses, flying broomsticks and gold snitch which are very famous around the world.

Not only that, with skulls and other dark pliers such as amethyst stones, Slytherin symbols, winged keys, books Tales of Beedle Bardvoter hat, death relic symbol, wand and butterfly (Lumos foundation logo).

From the sources I got, this bracelet was made by a Hamilton and Inches craftsman in Edinburgh, Scotland. Uniquely, each of the existing pendulums is made with Sterling Silver and resolved with Highlight gold as well as very beautiful precious stones.

Not only Indonesians are curious about this Harry Potter bracelet, but many foreign people are looking for things related to this with the keyword tildhood trauma test better me world.

Reportedly, this bracelet came from a gift Rowling received from the editor at the launch of a book Harry Potter last series.

Not only in Indonesia, in many countries keywords related to this keyword are also searched using the keyword tildhood trauma test better me world.

The idea for this bracelet came from a gift Rowling received from the editor at the book launch Harry Potter last series. Of course, this makes many fans happy and sad about the end of the last Harry Potter book series.


That’s the kind of information that only Candidates can give about TikTok Viral Harry Potter Bracelet. Hopefully the information that I share can be useful for you to know the things that are being questioned.

And thank you for reading this article to the end, and it would be nice if you shared it on personal social media so that more people would know about this. And if you have any questions, please pin them in the comments column that I have provided below.


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