TikTok Celebrity Jeje Viral, Here’s His Profile and Complete Biodata Get Whole Detail

TikTok Celebrity Jeje Viral, Here’s His Profile and Complete Biodata
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TikTok Celebrity Jeje Viral – Social media has recently been busy talking about a TikTok celebrity who reportedly looks like Fuji from his face to his style. The tiktok celebrity is familiarly called by the name Jeje, between Fuji and Jeje has also met on Fuji’s YouTube channel. Jeje’s figure of course makes praise feel surprised and surprised because his face is a mini version of Fuji, because Jeje’s height does not reach 150 cm so it is smaller than Fuji.

Jeje is a tiktok celebrity from Bojong Gede who recently went viral because of his tiktok slebew pauseg jedug content. His name began to soar when he was interviewed by a tiktoker in the Sudirman area at the end of last May. At the time of the interview, Jeje showed a quite interesting expression by inserting the word slebew when answering, along with a full explanation of various facts about the viral tiktok celebrity Jeje!

Tiktok Jeje Viral Celebrity Facts and Complete Tiktok Jeje Biodata

seleb tiktok jeje viral

Jeje tiktok has become a popular keyword that netizens are looking for, this is inseparable from the Jeje figure who is associated with Fuji (sister-in-law is better off Vanessa Angel). However, behind the viral Jeje on tiktok and other social media, it turns out that this 16-year-old girl has a lot of interesting stories and facts. Therefore, in this section we will provide a review of the facts about the tiktok celebrity Jeje Viral and his full bio!

1. Biodata Jeje Tiktok Complete

You need to know that Jeje is not the real name of this 18-year-old girl, Jeje is just a nickname or nickname. Jeje’s real name is Jasmin Laticia, born on March 2, 2006. Jeje has a relatively small body with a height of 148 cm. Even so, Jeje is a girl of Dutch Indonesian descent who is currently focusing on being a content creator and hunting model.

2. Where is the place to hang out Jeje?

Jeje often hangs out with his friends in the BNI City station area, Dukuh Atas or they also often gather in the Sudirman area. Jeje’s mulatto face is an asset he has, so he often becomes a photoshoot model. He admitted that his parents lived separately from his father in the Netherlands, his mother was in Ciputat, and he lived with his grandmother in Kemang (his hometown).

3. Jeje is not the original Bojong Gede or Citayam and has dropped out of school

Many netizens misunderstood that Jeje is a tiktoker who lives in the Bojong Gede or Citayam area, even though this is not the case. He admitted that he was called Citayam’s son, because the majority of his friends came from that area. The surprising fact is that Jeje ran away from home in November 2021 and dropped out of school when he was in the 3rd grade of junior high school.

4. Still Want to Continue School and Keep Existing on Tiktok

Even though he has dropped out of school, Jeje still has the passion to continue his studies because his dream is to become a policewoman. He admitted that he dropped out of school because of personal problems so he decided to withdraw or run away from home. After that, Jeje asked his friend for help to stay temporarily until he became a viral tiktok celebrity with the account name @jejelinces or @inisekenjejelinces with more than 480 thousand followers on tiktok.

5. Who’s Jeje Tiktok’s Girlfriend?

There are also many netizens who ask who is Jeje’s tiktok girlfriend now? Jeje is reportedly dating a man named Roy who they often share intimate content with. However, it is not known whether Jeje’s relationship with Roy is really real because from some of the content on YouTube at this time, Jeje often collabs with some male creator content which can be considered quite vulgar.

6. Tiktok Jeje Celebrity Content Viral, Check Here

Not a few netizens have actually asked what content Jeje created so that he became viral and has hundreds of thousands of followers. After the admin has searched, Jeje’s content is about the tiktok dance challenge, hedag jedug, quotes, and daily life. However, it turns out that Jeje’s tiktok account has also been blocked by related parties for posting vulgar and open content so Jeje uses a second account.

Finally, that’s the information that we can summarize about the viral tiktok Jeje celebrity that is currently being discussed by netizens. Hopefully the information we present can answer your curiosity and get to know who Jeje really is as well as interesting facts!


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