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the office legos – #office #legos In addition, the firm published a picture on its website that showed a stapler covered in what seemed to be Jello. In addition, the stapler is kept on a desk that has a notepad, a pen, and a pen stand in addition to the stapler itself. In addition to that, the table is labelled with Dwight.

the office legos

While publishing the picture, the corporation invited its followers to speculate as to what the next move would be. The viewers of ‘The Office’ have been left speechless as a result of this, and they have began to speculate about the new Lego set. Despite this, the business has not provided any official details on the upcoming ‘The Office’ Lego set.

“The tricky part of pulling off a practical joke is realising when it’s time to quit… It’s a shame that we’re just just getting started.” The tweet poses the question, “Guess what’s coming from LEGO Ideas?”

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Fans of ‘The Office’ have been kept on the edge of their seats by the toy company’s latest round of announcements, which include numerous surprising developments.

In the meanwhile, the fans are ecstatic because of a tweet from the firm that dropped hints about the imminent production of a LEGO Set that will be modelled after the television programme “The Office.”

Just a few days ago, the manufacturer revealed its Super Mario Bowser set, which consisted of 2,807 individual parts. Notably, it is the most costly item that Lego has ever produced. The Super Mario Bowser set can be purchased for the price of $269.99 and will be available on.

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