Steven Spielberg Open to Lead a Long-Form TV Project

Steven Spielberg Open to Lead a Long-Form TV Project
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Fabelmans Director Steven Spielberg states that he is open to television directing. The iconic director continued a highly successful career spanning six decades in the film industry with classic films. Jaws, ET, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park and countless more. Spielberg has become one of the most famous filmmakers in the history of cinema, with four Academy Awards. latest movie, FabelmansIn honor of Spielberg’s own parents for their support throughout his career, it is a semi-autobiography about an aspiring young filmmaker.

Film director Steven Spielberg is open to exploring long-form storytelling on television. Sean Hayes in an interview with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett on their podcast SmartLessThe director talked about the possibility of directing television in the future.

When asked if he is interested in long-form storytelling, West Side Story The director states that he has come close to making some movies into series in the past and would be willing to direct a series if given the opportunity. Here’s Spielberg’s full answer below:

“I have an appetite for long text and will one day direct a feature series. I mean, if someone had brought me ‘Mare of Easttown,’ that’s what I would have done. It was a beautifully directed story.”

Why Spielberg Should Direct TV?

The industry has arguably seen a shift from film to television, the primary, more sophisticated form of visual storytelling, in recent years. Spielberg spent most of his career where film and TV didn’t mix, and there was little crossover between the two mediums. Therefore, the experienced film director has not yet dealt with television. In the past, Indiana Jones The director even denounced Netflix for his presentations to the Academy because they were not traditional cinema screenings. His stance at the time could be interpreted as a staunch commitment to traditional cinema. But in 2021, Spielberg signed a deal with Netflix to shoot several films under his own label, Amblin Entertainment, hinting that the director may be warming up to the broadcast world.

Developing a story and character takes hours, and the television scene can be a potential venture for potential entrepreneurs. jaws Given the director, his celebrity skills and storytelling style. TV shows have become increasingly sophisticated and cinematic over the past two decades. Spielberg himself is no stranger to tall tales. movies like biopic Schindler’s List and war movie Rescuing Private Ryanis about three hours long, and you can only imagine how long they would have stayed if the format had allowed Spielberg to dig deeper. Spielberg’s films have always been rich in action and emotion, and now pave the way for the director to make a smooth transition to a longer storytelling format.

Since Spielberg has so many upcoming projects on hand FabelmansIt may take several years for a Spielberg-directed television series to come to light. However, in light of Spielberg’s recent partnership with Netflix, some projects for the smaller screen are likely to be worked on. Whatever the setting, the director shows no signs of slowing down as Spielberg continues to tell fascinating stories on the big screen.

Source: SmartLess Podcast

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