Stephen Amell Celebrates Arrowverse Return in Flash Season 9 Set Photo

Stephen Amell Celebrates Arrowverse Return in Flash Season 9 Set Photo
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Stephen Amell celebrates his massive Arrowverse return in a new movie Flash Season 9 set photo while filming episode 9. Doesn’t hold back when it comes to The CW Flash season 9 that will officially end the popular Arrowverse drama. Grant Gustin officially donates 13 more episodes of Scarlet Speedster before Flash then it expires in 2023. Flash’s The swan song season also marks the last Earth-Prime-based series in the Arrowverse franchise since then. Superman and Lois is in a parallel world. The DC TV series will begin its final journey on Wednesday, February 8, in the regular 8:00 PM EST time zone.

Like Flash Season 9 is working on episode 9, it will be a major Arrowverse reunion with Amell returning as Green Arrow. Directed by Caitlin Snow and Danielle Panabaker, the episode will also star Kid Flash, John Diggle and Bloodwork. While episode 9 won’t air until late 2023, Amell recently celebrated its return to the Arrowverse with a new event. Flash Season 9 set photo. Shot outside Iris West-Allen’s office on the set of The Central City Citizen, Amell shared a shot of her plaster chair as she was excited to be back. Check out his tweet below:

How Amell’s Oliver Could Return For The Flash Season 9

As exciting as seeing Amell show up. Flash Season 9, the biggest question right now is how is that possible. Since 2020, Oliver has died after sacrificing himself twice. Crisis on Infinite Earths As Specter. However, even though Oliver has passed away, the Arrowverse has already arranged for his return. Flash Season 9 in 2022. Official Arrowverse-linked comics, World-Prime MinisterIt saw Oliver reappear as Specter in the sixth and final installment.

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Given the enormous scope of Specter’s powers, Oliver is clearly able to leave Afterlife in some capacity. Since Flash Showrunner Eric Wallace said Barry and Oliver would be there. “saving the world together again” To some extent, it’s there in person. What will likely happen is that Oliver will return as Specter before eventually returning to the afterlife, regardless of the threat Barry faces. it is not possible Flash Season 9 will take back that huge, important climax. Arrow Season 8 ended with Oliver’s big farewell.

What to Expect from The Flash Season 9

While chapter 9 is going to be huge, Flash Season 9 has many stories set for the final season. Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie will make an alternate, treacherous interpretation of the Red Death character, although the CW refers to her as the “Mysterious Character”. Several Rogues will appear, including Owen Mercer as the new Captain Boomerang. Flash Season 9 will also see the arrival of the person, the new avatar of Negative Speed ​​Force. While not in episode 9, another Arrowverse hero stands in Central City. super girls Dreamer (Nicole Maines) was scheduled to appear for a single episode. As bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to the show, Flash Season 9 looks like it will be a grand finale season.

Source: Stephen Amell/ Twitter

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