Stadium 974 Qatar Cost, Capacity, Location, Architect, Meaning FIFA World Cup 2022

Stadium 974 Qatar Cost, Capacity, Location, Architect, Meaning FIFA World Cup 2022
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Everything you need to know about the unique Qatar 974 stadium, the world’s first transportable stadium, know the cost, location, meaning and architect

The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 has already begun. The Qatar World Cup is the world’s largest quadrennial football event. This competition is remarkable because it is the first time in history that the FIFA World Cup is held in the middle of the season, in December. In reality, another unique item has been built in Qatar, with stunning stadiums, one of which is even transportable. The 974 stadium in Qatar is the world’s first transportable stadium.

Stadium 974 Qatar Cost, Capacity, Location, Architect And Meaning FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022™ Stadium Capacity: 44,089

Location: Ras Abu Aboud, 10km east of central Doha.

Stadium Cost (USD)*
Al Bayt Stadium $847m
Lusail Stadium $767m
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium $360m
Al Janoub Stadium $572m
Education City Stadium $700m
Stadium 974 Unknown
Khalifa International Stadium $78-315m
Al Thumama Stadium $342m

Qatar 974 is the world’s first transportable stadium

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is ongoing in Qatar and to make it more unique, Qatar already has some of the most beautiful stadiums around the world featuring in this coveted tournament. However, the stadium that has become the talk of the show is stadium 974, located in the Ras Abu region of Doha. The story behind the name of the stadium is also unique. The 974 represents two different meanings; the international dialling code of Qatar and the number of shipping containers used during the construction of this impressive stadium. The stadium will host a total of seven games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Stadium 974 has a seating capacity of 40000 spectators

The first transportable stadium with more than 40000 seating capacity is the Qatar 974 stadium. The stadium, which was constructed from shipping containers, will be transported, deconstructed, and then reconstructed for use when the World Cup is over. A stadium with 40,000 seats has been constructed in Qatar. The FIFA World Cup game will be played in a transportable stadium for the first ever. Shipping containers are used to build the movable Stadium 974.

The site of Stadium 974 is at the Fans at Stadium 974 will feel the cool wind as it sweeps in from the Arabian Gulf because it is located in the portside region and in view of Doha’s coastal cityscape. The 974 stadium was built using a design that features modified shipping containers positioned inside the stadium’s steel framework and serves as restrooms, food stands, skyboxes, and media rooms.

Stadium 974 for the FIFA World Cup 2022 was designed by Spanish studio Fenwick Iribarren Architects teamed with engineers Schlaich Bergermann Partner and engineering consultancy Hilson Moran.

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