Singer Ali Tariq wants to hold a public gig for women who weren’t able to enjoy themselves at Karachi Eat

Singer Ali Tariq wants to hold a public gig for women who weren’t able to enjoy themselves at Karachi Eat
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If you’re a woman and had to leave Karachi Eat last Sunday due to the clamor of a group of men ruining the event, singer Ali Tariq has offered to host a public, all-female concert for you. He wants to organize an event so that they can enjoy the musical performance that they cannot do at the annual food festival.

On Monday, Tariq shared a statement in which he apologized for what happened at Karachi Eat and hopes all women “get home safe and sound”. “It hurts me to see that women and families in our society can’t enjoy even such simple things in life,” she said, and she was “ashamed” of that. The ‘Raabte’ singer hoped for everyone’s safety in a now-expired Instagram story and found videos from the event that were “disturbing to watch”.

The singer, who took to Instagram on Thursday, said, “After reading all the messages from you, I want to give a public concert, all girls only! This is to appeal to all the girls who are out on Sunday but can’t enjoy their day to the fullest.”

Tariq also “promised” his performance and made a public call for sponsors and donors to cover the band’s venue and production cost, and provided contact information for those who wish to contact him for the public concert.

The singer’s post received positive comments from RJ Dino Ali, who wished Tariq the best with his initiative. Food festival host Ahmed Godil presented his hosting skills for Tariq’s concert, and singer Rafay Israr dropped some heart emojis.

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What happened at Karachi Eat?

Karachi Eat was held last weekend from January 6 to January 8, but the final day overshadowed the event for many with allegations of door-breaking and harassment circulating on social media. It was alleged that singer Kaifi Khalil was injured during her performance but was later disproved by the singer. event.

“The Food Festival was launched 10 years ago with the aim of bringing together a variety of good food, Karachi people and music under one roof,” the organizers of the food festival said in a statement. “Over the years we have moved the brand to Lahore and Islamabad for the same purpose. Despite all our hard work, the closing day of our 10th Food Festival saw unruly crowd behavior and some very unfortunate and sad events.

“This vengeful disregard for rules and regulations led to incidents that greatly disturbed the innocent as those who broke the doors went wild. The crowd in the hall on Sunday was less in absolute numbers than on Saturday, but the first two days ended in a civilized manner as there was no unruly door slamming. Regardless, we’re collecting the data and conducting a deeper investigation into the need for surveillance, breaching the border walls and increasing restrictions on the arena. We have our thoughts and sincere apologies for anyone affected by the rebel crowd and for the innocent people caught in the crossfire.”

Halil, who interrupted his performance at the event and left the stage, went to Instagram and Twitter with an official statement that he slammed the door while denying the news that he was injured.

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She said she was “disappointed and upset” by the incident that “women who came to enjoy the evening with their family and friends were harassed and treated inappropriately by a group of people who lacked decency and common sense.”

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