Rick & Morty’s Strangest New Character Secretly Answers A Major S6 Complaint

Rick & Morty’s Strangest New Character Secretly Answers A Major S6 Complaint
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Warning: spoilers for Rick and Morty season 6, episode 7.

Although the previous Leon seems like a weird addition Rick and Morty At first, the character might solve a big problem in season 6. Rick and Morty It’s not short on invention or ambition, but some viewers were confused by the tone change at the start of the show’s 6th season. Rick and Morty Season 5 promised a change to the series’ formula, season 6 abandoned season 5’s reliance on serialized stories, Morty’s character development, and the series’ more serious tone. However, a new character introduced Rick and Morty Season 6 episode 7 “Full Meta Jackrick” may explain why.

As the previous Leon, Rick noted, “makes you feel like you’re leaving more and more of your life behind as you feed on your unleashed potential” This is an appropriate meta-comment to why it happened. Rick and Morty Season 6, episode 2 dropped the formula change and overarching storyline that the season 5 finale mocked (for now, at least). Having an inclusive narrative could be limited Rick and Mortythe ability to stir up trouble and thus shorten the life of the show. Going completely meta, Rick and Morty keeps its potential stronger and unlimited, meaning the show can reintegrate various aspects of a larger story whenever the writers choose.

Evil Morty Proves Rick & Morty Season 6 Episode 7 He Was Right

If there was something like the Evil Morty story Rick and MortyThe main, central storyline of the show would have to either continue to rebuild the villain or end with Rick and Morty’s culminating confrontation. Return of Dr Wong in Rick and Morty Season 6, episode 2 proves that the series can further elaborate on its characters and their inner lives, but that doesn’t have to mean the entire character arc goes towards a single event. Evil Morty’s season 5 finale with Rick and Morty might have been the climax of their story, but instead, Rick and Morty treated it as another speed bump.

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Rick & Morty Doesn’t Need a Main Story (But It Can Bring It Back)

Previous Leon proves it Rick and Morty it doesn’t need a single overarching story and underscores the idea that the series could have been stronger without a singular crossing line. As long as Evil Morty or Rick Prime is seen as the final boss Rick and Mortyeverything up to their turn will eventually be padding. However, while Rick and Morty Season 6, episode 2 can still answer who Rickest Rick is, Rick Prime or C-137 Rick, the “Full Meta Jackrick” events, a part of that Rick and Morty. Refusing to abide by the conventions of television, Rick and Morty It can preserve its anarchic energy.

In many television shows, the gradual journey of the characters towards a predetermined ending is what gives the story its suspense. From Breaking Bad with Crazy manwith Bojack Horsemanwith sopranosMany stories about morally obscure antiheroes are slowly moving towards an inevitable end. Backwards, Rick and Morty The series works as a more chaotic, irreverent series as it rejects television conventions. The previous Leon let Rick deal with the fact that he and Morty’s character development in season 5 seemed to have been undone and asked if that really mattered. if Rick and Morty If he continues to thwart Previous Leon by refusing to abide by tradition, the show may continue to continually reinvent itself.

new episodes Rick and Morty Season 6 airs Sundays on Adult Swim.



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