Rapper Jaysometimez Leaked Video Tape Viral on Twitter And Reddit Get Whole Detail

Rapper Jaysometimez Leaked Video Tape Viral on Twitter And Reddit
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In recent news, Jaysometimez has become one of the internet sensations. His name is trending on every social media platform for quite some time and he has garnered a lot of attention from the netizens too. It is reported that one of his videos has surfaced on the internet and has grabbed the attention of many. Since then, people have been searching for any sort of information about him and because of this, Jaysometimez’s name has become familiar on the internet. Do you also happen to share the same curiosity? Well, check the article below for details.


According to reports, Jaysometimez is a rapper who has released his music on Soundcloud. He has stated in several interviews that some of his inspiration comes from Soundcloud rappers Lil Yachty and Lil Peep. Sources confirm that he quit his job in 2016 to completely devote himself to music and since then he has been focusing on the same. Reports have been stating that Jaysometimez’s real name is Yung Gravy. He happens to have three studio albums and a mixtape. It has also come to the knowledge that Yung Gravy has recorded several songs for months.

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Before becoming Yung Gravy, Jaysometimez went through several name changes. Some of the names include Lil Steamer and Yung Gravity. According to reports, his first EP, Mr Clean was self-released via Republic Records on September 8, 2016. Now, it is coming forward that one of the private videos of Jaysometimez has surfaced on the internet. It has taken the internet by storm and everyone is surprised to see the clip as it is trending everywhere. While many people have already watched it, many are searching for its whereabouts. It can be said that the video might have been deleted from the platform.

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As the video was quite insensitive to watch, it is expected that it has been removed from all social media platforms. Well, if that happens to be the case, the general public would not be able to watch it anymore. Although not much information about the video has been made available on the internet yet, it is said that it contained some kind of stuff that was not appropriate to watch. This also happens to be the reason, why it was deleted from the internet in the first place. We are trying to fetch more information about it so that our readers can stay updated. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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