Paradox Interactive Announces Age Of Wonders 4 With 40 Minutes of Gameplay

Paradox Interactive Announces Age Of Wonders 4 With 40 Minutes of Gameplay
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Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios announced Age of Wonders 4 with a 40-minute announcement schedule. The next mainline entry in the acclaimed 4X strategy series will arrive on May 2.

According to community developer Jordi Engel, Age of Wonders 4 has been in development since the last game in the series, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, was released in 2019. The video shows the faction building interface of the new 4X strategy game. greets the player with a wide variety of faction traits, including race, culture, social traits, magic skins, monarch’s origin, and more.

Age of Wonders 4, similar to its predecessors, combines elements of strategy with a turn-based gameplay formula. The next installment in the Age of Wonders series also introduces a strategy RPG system where choices and outcomes will create “new possibilities and tactical advantages.” Triumph states that this creates a “deep, multi-layered strategy” and allows players to explore their magical arsenal while expanding their boundaries with new tactics each round.

Also, the new 4X strategy game is expected to come with a high level of replayability thanks to the new event system. Age of Wonders 4 will challenge the player with combinations of procedurally generated events and worlds that come with their own unique circumstances. The map of the game will also be shaped by the decisions taken throughout the campaign.

According to the game’s official website, the story in Age of Wonders 4 does not end with certain victory or defeat conditions that you would normally see in similar strategy games. The sequel encourages players to take part in a larger story where they can confront their creations “as potential rivals or allies in subsequent games,” allowing them to weave a larger saga that doesn’t end with a single faction. There’s also good news for those who like to dive into modding efforts, as Age of Wonders 4 will be “more moddable and open-ended than ever before,” according to the game’s official description.

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The new installment of the Age of Wonders series will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 2.

Watch full video click here.



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