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L.T Was Stabbed To Death


According to the New York City Police Department, at around three o’clock in the afternoon, he was found with a stab wound to the stomach on the platform of the northbound 1 train at the 137th Street-City College station in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan.

Lauie Michael Tagaloa was discovered at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, on the platform of the northbound 1 train inside the 137th Street-City College station. He had a knife wound to the stomach and was bleeding heavily.

Lauie Michael Tagaloa Aka LT Was Stabbed To Death

The child is believed to have continued the conflict inside the 137th Street-City College station after getting into a dispute outside with someone he knew, according to the suspicions of the police. In the end, the juvenile received a knife wound to the stomach. He was sent to a nearby hospital, which confirmed his death shortly after he arrived there.

At the intersection of West 173rd Street and Broadway in Manhattan, the police located the individual in question and subsequently brought them into prison.

He was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment when it was discovered that he was bleeding from his back and abdomen as well as having wounds to his left hip. At a press conference held on Saturday evening, the New York Police Department Transit Chief Jason Wilcox said that the cause of those injuries and his role in the event are both still the subject of an investigation.

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Fortitude Valley Stabbing Victim Lauie Michael Tagaloa Left His Daughter Alone After His Death

The identity of the young father who was tragically stabbed at a food court in Brisbane early on Monday has been disclosed, and it has come to light that he had only just celebrated his daughter’s first birthday.

On Monday morning, the body of 24-year-old Lauie Michael Tagaloa was discovered inside the Valley Metro food court located outside of the Fortitude Valley railway station. According to the police, Tagaloa’s death was the result of a “confrontation” between two individuals.

A disturbing video showing a witness to the confrontation and subsequent stabbing has gone viral online. Mr. Tagaloa recently celebrated his daughter’s birthday owing to the more than $6000 that was contributed to the family via a GoFundMe campaign that was set up to assist them. This information was shared with The Courier-Mail by a close friend of Mr. Tagaloa.

Lauie Michael Tagaloa Aka LT Stabbing Video Emerges On Twitter

Mr. Tagaloa was tragically stabbed as the altercation spread to the food court of the train station, which led to his death, as reported by the police. The fight that led to Mr. Tagaloa’s death began when two large groups of men fought at a shopping centre on Brunswick Street at around four in the morning.

According to Regional Duty Officer Inspector Sean Cryer, who also shared the footage on Twitter, emergency services were apparently alerted immediately after police were able to observe the event on CCTV. This information comes from Regional Duty Officer Inspector Sean Cryer.

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l.t death video

Inside of the Valley Metro offices, the guys are said to have insulted one another until one of them allegedly took out a knife and threatened the other individuals there.

l.t death video Reddit lt full Stabbing Video Viral

After being struck in the neck, 24-year-old Lauie Michael Tagaloa collapses on the ground, surrounded by a pool of blood, shortly after that. After some time, he passed away there.

Mr. Tagaloa is seen falling backward and losing consciousness as a result of a neck wound after a dispute between two individuals. The police are now interviewing with witnesses who administered first aid to Mr. Tagaloa in an effort to save his life.

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