LoH: Traces From Zero – How to Find (& Defeat) the Glowing Pom (Ursula Trail)

LoH: Traces From Zero – How to Find (& Defeat) the Glowing Pom (Ursula Trail)
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Glowing Poms are a returning experience resource from the series that players can find. Legend of Heroes: Tracks From Zerooccupies certain areas within a chapter, including the Road to Ursula, a location players have encountered earlier in the story. These furry creatures can be extremely rare for players to find, but defeating them will not only give players massive amounts of XP, but also progress towards a rare achievement/trophy and more difficult-to-obtain items. With limited spawn rates and mechanics that restrict the appearance of Shining Poms, players may experience some frustration when searching for this encounter without the right methods.

Similar to Spooky Sheep LoH: Tracks From ScratchShining Poms have an absurdly low spawn chance in Ursula Road areas, this rate can only be reset by players. It enters and exits the loading screens nearby. Ursula School of Medicine. This location is considered a “safe” area by the game, so players traveling between it and Ursula Road before accessing the bus system to Crossbell City have at least one way to create another possible Shining Pom formation. The creature itself may appear on the player’s map using the correct item close to West side of asphalt road, next to a pier ladder facing Stargazer Tower.

Tricks to Find and Defeat the Glowing Pom on the Ursula Trail

items like eagle eye quartz Allows players to see their enemies on their minimap as they explore and increase mounts LoH: Tracks From Scratchmay be helpful when trying to find the Glowing Pom. Trying to reset the spawn of the Pom by traveling between players st. Ursula School of Medicine and Ursula Way‘s loading screens, there are normally only two enemy icons displayed, the third indicating the presence of the Glowing Pom. If players manage to escape during the encounter, they should then save their game so that they do not lose their chance to fight this elusive mascot of the series.

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The soft level cap that limits the experience in each chapter to ensure they get the maximum amount of upgrades and value from the Shining Pom in Ursula Road should also be a concern for players. Players will find this match at: Level 11and falls 28 Sepiths of all kinds together U-Material. Using powerful moves to destroy a Shining Pom as soon as possible remains the best strategy for beating these XP packs, especially if players have a member in their party that attacks much faster than the creature can react. A Glowing Pom encourages players to search nonstop to find and defeat it. Legend of Heroes: Traces from Zeroand while the quest is certainly challenging, the rewards towards the beginning of the game in Ursula Road are well worth it.

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