Link to Watch Stealing Raden Saleh in 4K HD Quality –

Link to Watch Stealing Raden Saleh in 4K HD Quality –
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You can use the following link to Watch Stealing Raden Saleh as a reference when you want to watch one of the best films from Indonesia starring Iqbaal Ramadhan.

Yes, this original Indonesian film entitled Stealing Raden Saleh has indeed become one of the best local films praised by many film critics. Because this film made by Angga Dwimas Sasongko has an unusual theme for the film, this film has received high enthusiasm from Indonesian audiences.

This film carries the theme of robbery or heist, which is a theme that is quite rare in Indonesian cinema. Another attraction of this film, of course, is the lineup of talented young Indonesian actors who are on the rise. And the quality of his acting is also not in doubt.

Call it like Iqbaal Ramadhan, Angga Yunanda, Rachel Amanda, Ari Irham, Aghniny Haque to Umay Shahab who managed to steal the attention with their cool actions in this film.

In fact, this film is said to be one of the films that is really worth watching because it has the theme of theft or heist which is indeed quite rare in Indonesian cinema.

Packaged in a more attractive, modern and up to date. This film has indeed succeeded in stealing attention since it was first released in theaters.

Actually, this film itself was released in theaters on August 25, 2022 yesterday. However, because of the enthusiasm of many viewers, this film is now available on the Netflix platform since January 5, 2023 yesterday. So you can watch this film by streaming.

Synopsis Steal Raden Saleh

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But before watching this film, use the Watch Link to Steal Raden Saleh, which we will provide later. It’s good if you see the synopsis below.

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The film Stealing Raden Saleh tells the story of a student named Piko who is played by Iqbaal Ramadhan. He has the unique ability of making replicas of famous paintings.

With this ability, Piko deliberately makes imitation paintings of various world-famous paintings and then sells them to raise money.

Because he needed a lot of money to be able to free his father from prison.

To carry out this action, Piko himself is assisted by his best friend named Ucup, played by Angga Yunanda.

Piko and Ucup often sell their paintings to a middleman and one day he gets an offer to make a replica of Raden Saleh’s famous and legendary painting entitled Arrest of Diponegoro.

Because of its popularity, this painting is very expensive and Piko was asked to make a replica of this painting so that the original painting could be stolen. The painting theft mission was not that simple.

Apart from making a replica of a painting which is considered very difficult, because Raden Saleh’s paintings have extraordinary detail and are impossible to imitate. However, because he really needed money, Piko agreed to carry out this mission.

Piko and Ucup finally formed a team consisting of Fella, played by Rachel Amanda, Sarah, played by Aghniny Haque, Gofar, played by Umay Shahab and finally Tuktuk, played by Ari Irham.

With an initial fee of IDR 500 million, they all began to share roles to steal this famous painting at the State Palace. But there are many obstacles they have to face to deal with the police.

Interesting Facts about Stealing Raden Saleh

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This film does have a relatively simple storyline regarding theft, but in the midst of the theft you will find various tense scenes.

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The theme of this film is also unusual because it is rare for a film to have the theme of theft or heist. So, apart from these facts, here are some interesting facts from the film Stealing Raden Saleh:

1. Not the First Heist Film in Indonesia

Indeed, the heist theme in Indonesian cinema is very rarely different from the horror genre which adorns Indonesian cinemas every month. But it turns out that this film is not the first heist genre film in Indonesia.

Previously there was a film called The Professionals which was released in 2016 and was played by a seasoned Indonesian actor. Like Fachri Albar, Lukman Sardi to Arifin Putra.

2. Raden Saleh’s Dipenogoro Painting

You can find the uniqueness of this film not only in the heist theme which is not usually raised in Indonesian films. But it also involves masterpieces from the nation’s best painters who lived in the 18th century.

Yes, Raden Saleh with his legendary masterpiece, namely a painting entitled The Arrest of Prince Diponegoro, is the prima donna of this film. Because this painting is the main background and source of conflict in the film.

It is said that the painting is in the Presidential Palace and is one of the most valuable objects there and is priceless.

In fact, the price of this painting is indeed very high, which has now been estimated at 250 M.

3. Many Popular Actors

In this film you will witness the actions of well-known young actors such as Iqbaal Ramadhan, Angga Yunanda, Rachel Amanda, Umay Shahab, Ari Irham and Aghniny Haque who are the main characters in this film.

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But apart from being starred by young actors, this film is also supported by well-known senior actors such as Tio Pakusadewo, Dwi Sasono, Joshua Pandelaki to Atiqah Hasiholan.

4. It Takes 4 Years

The success of this film could not be separated from the hard work of everyone involved in it. In addition, the time of making this film is also not short. In fact it takes up to 4 years.

The longest time was spent working on the script written by several scriptwriters and often changing writers due to incompatibilities. But with the time that has been spent on making this film. The results did not disappoint, which made this film one of the best films in Indonesia.

Link Nonton Mencuri Raden Saleh 3

You can actually get a link to watch this film yourself on the internet. Moreover, this film has been officially released on Netflix so you can watch it by streaming. Meanwhile, you can watch it for free on illegal streaming sites.

However, it’s best to only use official, legal streaming sites, to support Indonesian films so that they are more advanced and successful. So that they can produce the best films like Stealing Raden Saleh.

The final word

You can only get the Watch Link for Stealing Raden Saleh on legal sites because watching on illegal sites is not only dangerous for the device you are using. However, it is also detrimental to Indonesian filmmakers. It’s only natural that we support Indonesian films.

Other Interesting Information:

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