Link to Watch Ballad Si Roy 2023 –

Link to Watch Ballad Si Roy 2023 –
– #Link #Watch #Ballad #Roy #Spot72.comWatch full video click here. – Si Roy Balada Film 2023 – As we know, Indonesia is constantly producing quality films. Well, this has been proven that at every new film release there is quite a lot of enthusiasm from netizens.

Right in 2023, there is now a new film with a romantic genre. The film is named Si Roy ballad. Please note, this film was directed by an experienced director named Fajar Nugros. So, he has directed several films including Host, Yowis Ben, Yowis Ben 2, Yowis Ben 3.

In addition, Balada Si Roy stars well-known actors and actresses, such as Abidzar Al Ghifari, Bio One, Febby Rastanty and others. Has a unique story and this is the target of Indonesian netizens.

So, how? Based on the description above, are you curious about the synopsis and visual appearance of the film? If true, then please refer to a little synopsis of Film Ballad Si Roy below this.

Synopsis and Watch Film Balada Si Roy

roy copy

Balada Si Roy full movie is a film by director Fajar Nugros which was adapted from a novel entitled Balada Si Roy by Gol A Gong. So, this latest film will be shown on January 19, 2023 in cinemas throughout Indonesia.

It should be noted that this youth film tells the story of Roy, a young man from Bandung who now lives with his mother and dog, Joe. After the death of his father, Roy finally had to move to Serang, Banten, his mother’s hometown.

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Not wanting to be an ordinary boy, Roy creates a sensation when he enters a new school. Cool and a bit of a punk, Roy arrives with Joe and becomes the center of attention throughout the school.

Long story short, Roy met new friends, namely Andi and Toni. He also has a crush on Ani, even though he flirts a lot with other pretty girls. So, his closeness to Ani makes Dullah, the most naughty and powerful kid in the school, angry. In fact, he and his gang, Borsalino, started cornering and bullying Roy and his friends.

However, Roy is not the type of boy who just keeps quiet when bullied. He and his friends formed RAT to fight Borsalino. So, did Roy succeed in defeating Dullah? Will Roy and Ani’s love story have a happy ending? Come on, just watch the film, so you know the storyline in more detail.

List of Cast in the Ballad of Si Roy (2023)

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This action film received high enthusiasm from the public, especially for fans of the novel Si Roy ballad. Many hope that the storyline in this film matches their expectations.

Well, with the help of the shrewd acting of the cast, it looks like that expectation will be fulfilled. So, before you watch it, let’s get to know them first.

1. Abidzar Al-Ghifari as Roy

Roy is indeed not a diligent and very smart young man in class. However, he has a good heart and loves his mother. Roy is also determined to achieve his dreams, including becoming a writer, as he promised his father.

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2. Bio One as Dullah

Apart from Roy, there is Dullah who is a student character who pretends to be a champion and has authority in school. Where he could go there because of the help of his father who was a high official in Serang. But even though he seems evil, Dullah is actually just lonely.

Other Cast

  1. Febby Rastanty plays Ani
  2. Zulfa Maharani plays the role of Wiwik
  3. Sitha Marino as Dewi
  4. Jourdy Pranata as Andi
  5. Omara Esteghlal as Toni
  6. Yusuf Mahardika as Edi
  7. Fachri Muhammad as Sodik

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Link Watch Film Balada Si Roy (2023)

TitleSi Roy ballad
ReleaseJanuary 19, 2023
Duration1 hour 48 minutes
DirectorFajar Nugros
ProductionIDN Pictures
CastAbidzar Al-Ghifari, Bio One, Febby Rastanty
GenreTeens, action, family

Well, after you find out about the information “Synopsis And Watch Film Balada Si Roy“So now it is recommended to click on the watch link below.

Link Watch Film Balada Si Roy (2023)

That’s all for this article that Mimin can share about Link to Watch Ballad Si Roy 2023. Hopefully, with the information above that Mimin has made, it can be useful and add insight to all of you. And you can use the information above as best you can.

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