Like A Dragon Series’ Karaoke Inspired by Chief Director’s Obsession

Like A Dragon Series’ Karaoke Inspired by Chief Director’s Obsession
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Ryosuke Horii, the executive director of the hit Like a Dragon franchise (formerly Yakuza), recently did an interview as part of a Game Informer panel attended by various senior executives from the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio, revealing the series to be a silly karaoke mini. -Games were not added on a whim.

Horii showed off a spreadsheet of every song he could sing in Karaoke format, and it apparently contains 7,964 songs alongside the “meticulously detailed” page. As Game Informer aptly wrote, “Horii’s life’s work is not the Yakuza series. Karaoke.”

Ryu Ga Gotoku, or RGG studio, was previously run by Toshihiro Nagoshi, and when Horii was interviewed for a position at the studio, he showed Nagoshi the list to prove he wasn’t like other people who used Karaoke as a tool. hobby. According to Horii, he was offered the job shortly after that. He went on to create the Karaoke minigame for the series, which first appeared in Yakuza 3.

At first, it was met with pushback at the studio as many thought this was too stupid an activity for the hardened hero Kiryu to participate in. However, as Karaoke has become one of the series’ favorite mini-games over time and is now considered a core element of the series, it was clear Horii was on the money.

Since then, Horii has moved on to much bigger things, directing Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the final game in the series, responsible for shifting the franchise’s direction towards turn-based combat. He’s also directing the next entry, which will be called Like a Dragon 8.

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Recently, Toshihiro Nagoshi announced that he was leaving the studio to form a new team under Chinese startup NetEase, citing partly because NetEase had “a lot of money”. This created a vacuum in the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio hierarchy that has been replaced by new blood. Horii says things are great under Nagoshi’s leadership, but he believes these new changes are positive because “it’s nice for new voices to come in.”

Although Horii is the director of the next mainline game, the actual studio head, aka Nagoshi’s replacement, is Masayoshi Yokoyama. A Yakuza writer since its inception, Yokoyama describes how the transition was not abrupt, but rather a slow and gradual process, and expresses how much the studio hasn’t changed in relation to its goals. Yokoyama said, “Just as you write articles, we make Yakuza games. We continue to do what we always do.”

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