Letters Bearing the Seal of a Daedric Prince Hint for Changes in Online Elder Scrolls

Letters Bearing the Seal of a Daedric Prince Hint for Changes in Online Elder Scrolls
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Many Elder Scrolls Online players (and many of its publishers) received an interesting letter in their regular mail this week. The ESO logo on the envelope cover indicated that these letters were official communications sent by Bethesda as part of its campaign to prepare players for the next step in the game. An article from Eurogamer explains the letter, but can only speculate about its meaning.

The letter addresses the recipient as “Proxy” and continues to beg the reader’s skilled services to “change fate.” The reader is called upon to serve as “a proxy in a most dangerous crisis” with only one of the ways forward ending in “survival of Nirn”. With the future of “at least two worlds” at stake, the reader is urged to seek “to protect the truth itself from unraveling.” As a result, the reader is informed that they will be called as soon as the “inevitable fate of fate” dictates as such. The letter is signed by Bilge Leramil, a character who has not yet appeared.

The official forums of Elder Scrolls Online have been flooded with fan theories about what this could mean. The last clue to the letter is revealed when held up to a black light. It bears an insignia very similar to an open eye. The mark was identified and sanctioned as the seal of Hermaeus Morea, one of the Daedric princes.

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Nothing is known at this time other than speculation, but there seems to be a lot of strong arguments that Hermaeus Mora was behind Wise Leramil’s letter. Mora has appeared in many of the Elder Scrolls games introduced in Skyrim’s Dragonborne expansion and later found in the Apocrypha within Oblivion. He is known as a “Knowledge Demon”, but not necessarily as wise as Leramil claims.

For now, there are only letters and online forums to provide information. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for this “inevitable outcome fate”.

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