Info on ASN PPPK registration is done through the official portal of the Government Employee Selection System with a Work Agreement: while ASN PPPK registration is through the portal

Link Download Update Details Training Needs for ASN PPPK in 2022. The Government Will Open the 2022 CPSN and PPPK Regional Elections.

In particular, the selection of PPPK teachers was opened based on basic education data. The Ministry of Education and Culture estimates that the need for public school teachers is one million teachers (not including PNS teachers currently teaching).

The opening of the ASN PPPK teacher selection process is an attempt to provide fair opportunities for volunteer teachers

earn a decent income. The government opens opportunities for: 1) volunteer teachers in public and private schools (including teachers who have never passed the PNS or PPPK selection. 2) teachers who are registered in the Basic Education Data; and graduates of teacher professional education who are not currently teaching.

The selection of ASN PPPK teachers this time was different from previous years, where ASN PPPK teacher training was limited in the previous year.

Whereas in 2022, all honorary lecturers and PPG graduates can register to take part in the selection. All those who pass the selection will become ASN PPPK teachers up to a limit of one million teachers.

Therefore, to reach the goal of one million teachers, the central government urges local governments to introduce more training if needed.

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Before we explain the details of the download link for Announcement of the Requirements for the Establishment of Regency/City and Provincial ASN PPPK 2022.

The following details the material for the 2022 PPPK selection test in the event that there is still training after the completion of the training for participants who passed in the previous year and participants who took part in the conformity assessment.

Professional competence Knowledge, skills and behavioral attitudes that can be observed, measured and developed, related to the technical field of the position Knowledge Management Competency, skills and behavioral attitudes in organizations that can be observed, measured and developed, related to:

In addition to the download link for the Announcement of the 2022 District/City and Provincial PPPK Training Requirements for ASN, the following is the General Provisions for the 2022 PPPK Selection.

Participants who are entitled to register for the 2022 Training and Education Center to register for PPPK of their choice are as follows:

1) Honorary THK-II according to the THK-II database at BKN;

2) Honorary Teachers who are still actively teaching in public schools under the authority of the Regional Government and registered as Teachers at Dapodik Kemendikbud;

3) Teachers who are still actively teaching in private schools and are registered as teachers at Dapodik Kemendikbud;

4) Graduates of Teacher Professional Education (PPG) who are not yet teachers and registered in the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Database of Teacher Professional Education Graduates.

5) Administrative verification is carried out based on the Educator’s Certification first. If it is not appropriate, it is carried out based on the relevant educational qualifications.

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So what about the needs and formation of ASN PPPK in 2022, please visit the following link.

link ASN PPPK TAHUN 2022>>>

20 ASN PPPK TAHUN 2022 1



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