Kelsey Grammer Shares Why David Hyde Pierce Didn’t Return to Frasier

Kelsey Grammer Shares Why David Hyde Pierce Didn’t Return to Frasier
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Kelsey Grammer explains why David Hyde Pierce hasn’t returned. frasier restart. After years of speculation frasier The star who spearheaded the reboot series, the reboot was finally confirmed at Paramount+ last month, and Grammer is back. The announcement featured disappointing news with no other originals. frasier players would return as regulars of the series on reboot. This includes the instrumental Pierce. frasier as the lead character’s younger brother and psychiatrist friend, the delightfully snob Niles Crane.

After a month frasier With the reboot confirmed at Paramount+, Grammer explains why his onscreen brother Pierce hasn’t returned as Niles. During a recent interview with PeopleFrasier Crane actor said Pierce wasn’t “Interested in repeating Niles’ performance.” Since frasier ended, Pierce led a successful theatrical career and is currently starring in the HBO Max series. Julia. Read what Grammer shared below:

David basically decided he wasn’t too interested in repeating Niles’ performance… Funnyly enough, it took us to a new place, which is what we actually wanted to do, it was the third act of Fraser. A completely new life for him.

How Can a Frasier Reboot Succeed Without Niles?

by-product Cheers, frasier It ran for 11 successful seasons before being taken down in 2004. frasier it still stands as one of the few spin-offs to rival the main series. Despite frasier Focusing on Grammer’s titular radio psychiatrist, Niles was just as critical of the series’ success, and Pierce earned 4 Emmy Awards out of 11 nominations for his outstanding supporting performance as Niles.

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While Pierce’s presence as Niles will be greatly missed, frasier The revival will have to go on without it. As Grammer explains, Pierce’s refusal to return forced him and the writers to reboot in a new direction they had originally planned to do anyway. if Cheers and Fraser Grammer explains that if the psychiatrist’s life had acts one and two, the revival would act as act three.

Duration frasier Set in the famous Seattle reboot series will move to a new location. The setting has yet to be announced, but it will likely be Chicago, where Frasier acts during the series’ finale. Wherever it is set, frasier The reboot will have to start from scratch in an entirely new city where none of the original supporting cast will be based. In addition to Pierce, the absence of Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, and John Mahoney’s Martin Crane will also be felt, and the revival will be a tall order to overcome. Only time will tell if frasier reboot may be successful without them.

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