Is Monster Hunter Rise crossplay and cross platform play between Xbox and PC explained

Is Monster Hunter Rise crossplay and cross platform play between Xbox and PC explained
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After two years on PC and Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass, know about its crossplay and cross platform status

But it still lacks crossplay despite the fact that cross platform multiplayer is somewhat possible between Microsoft consoles and Windows.

Over five million copies and units of Monster Hunter Rise have been sold since its release in 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s hailed as the most beginner-friendly entry in the iconic Capcom series while maintaining a true MH vibe. As of tomorrow, it will be available alongside PlayStation and Xbox, but unfortunately, cross-play will not be supported.

Is Monster Hunter Rise crossplay and cross platform play between Xbox and PC explained

Monster Hunter Rise does not support cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC Steam, or Xbox One because it is not a crossplay game.

The official website indicates that MHR does not enable cross-progress and cross-save, in addition to the lack of cross-platform gameplay. Not only can’t you take your save file from PS4 to PS5, or from Xbox One to Series X/S, but you also can’t cross-save between PS4 and PS5.

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While we’re disappointed to hear that cross-save won’t be included, we can at least rest assured that Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as PS4 and PS5, will be able to enjoy cross-gen multiplayer together. This was reported by Wario64 on Twitter. In 2021, the official monsterhunter Twitter account explained that despite investigating cross-play during development, they were unable to integrate functionality.

Explained: PC and Xbox cross platform multiplayer for MHR

Despite the lack of cross-platform play, Monster Hunter Rise fans on Xbox may still enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with PC gamers by downloading the Xbox app for Windows.

Like most other Microsoft-based gaming platforms, you should be able to enjoy multiplayer with a friend. Who is playing MHR on PC via the Xbox app. If you want to play with other people, you may either talk to Senri in-game. Or check out the Gathering Hub Quest Board.

There can be no more than four people in a single lobby at once. It’s possible to play with computer-controlled followers if you’d rather not team up with actual humans.

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