Iranian Beach Looks Like Start Of The Apocalypse!

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Today we’re talking about Iranian Beach Looks Like Start Of The Apocalypse!

The red beach of Hormuz Island looks like something out of a horror movie — or a science fiction novel. The red ochre that drenches the beach is due to the high amount of iron oxide in the sand that, when dispersed into the water, gives the waves their striking, blood-like hue.

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It’s a pretty trippy looking place that goes by a few other names, like Rainbow Island and Red and Silver Beach, due to the other powerful colors present in the geological oddity — most notably the glittering, silvery texture of the blackish sand.

Over the centuries, the island has been taken note of by many different peoples and figures traveling through the Strait of Hormuz that gives it its name. Funnily enough, however, the actual age of the island itself is technically younger than humanity — having only popped out of the water 50,000-ish years ago.

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