How to Transform Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Transform Gimmighoul into Gholdengo in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
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It is available in two different forms in the Paldea Region of Turkey. Pokémon Crimson and VioletThe Gimmighoul is a Ghost-type Pokémon that players can transform into a more powerful form called Gholdengo by collecting a certain number of items attached to the pocket monster that lives in this treasure. Players can find both variations of Gimmighoul by searching for the Chest Form at the top of the Watchtowers, or by finding the Roaming Form at the end of ancient ruins scattered across the open world, or in regular wild encounters. Defeating any version of this Pokémon grants players a special item called Gimmighoul Coins that contribute to the overall purpose needed to evolve this particular creature.

To transform Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, players Collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins By interacting with a Chest or Roam Form alternately throughout the game, from all over the region. Obviously, players will also need to catch a Gimmighoul, especially a Crate Form version that can accept a large number of Tokens for its transformation. Although it’s hard to catch Gimmighoul Pokémon Crimson and VioletEarning the aforementioned Tokens only requires players to fight and defeat this Pokémon, giving players a certain amount of that currency.

How to Collect More Gimmighoul Coins in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Based on whether players find a Chest or Roaming Form Gimmighoul in the wild, the amount of Gimmigoul Coins received is determined by which variant is being fought with. Typically, fighting Chest Form Gimmighoul substantial amount of coin nets between 50-60, After a certain battle. The rarity of these Chest Forms causes these encounters to be infrequent and infrequent in the landmarks of Paldea, home to these creatures. Against this, Circulation Forms They are found hidden in common places near rocks, hidden walls, farm equipment or under trees. Pokémon Crimson and Violetwide map. The Roaming Form Gimmighoul, unlike his treasured counterparts, only 5-6 Coins on average due to their partnership.

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Gimmighoul is best handled by trainers with a team of Dark or Ghost type Pokémon, both of which have an advantage over Ghost types. However, the circulation form To escape It has a feature known as Crate Form, which is the ability to evade battle without fail. shookwhich increases his Speed ​​stat when hit with a Dark, Bug, or Ghost-type move, two of which are super effective against Gimmighoul. This natural defense can make fighting Chest Form Gimmighoul for their Money a little more difficult for players and encourage experimentation with other strategies. Pokémon Crimson and Violet to take down this hoarding Pokémon.



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