How to Get Free Bitcoins on Android –

How to Get Free Bitcoins on Android –
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How to Get Free Bitcoins on Android – Recently, many people have been eyeing Bitcoin investments. How could I not, this digital currency has become increasingly popular since its appearance. The price offered is not a joke because the value per coin is too high.

Based on the latest developments, it was noted that the price of one Bitcoin coin has reached 672 million rupiah. This fantastic value certainly causes many people to compete to get as much Bitcoin as possible as a promising investment in the future.

To get Bitcoin, the method is quite easy. You can get it immediately from the stock exchange or application available on the smartphone.

10 Applications for Bitcoin Mining on Android

How to Get Free Bitcoins on Android
How to Get Free Bitcoins on Android

BTC Safari – Free Bitcoin

This BTC application can be downloaded via PlayStore for free. To download this application, make sure your device has at least Android 4.0 OS because the version below is not compatible.

After downloading, register together by entering an email address and a Bitcoin wallet that remains active. When you have entered the application, you will be presented with a simple user interface and display.

The way this application works is that you can be paid every 15 minutes with the number of Satoshis reaching 400 in one claim. Apart from that, you can also watch the advertisements available in the application to get 200-400 Satoshis in just a few minutes. If you want to earn more Satoshis, you can use the referral feature available in the application.

Claim Free Bitcoin

The next application is Claim Free Bitcoin, which works in a similar way to BTC Safari. The difference is the quantity of Satoshi that can be obtained.

In BTC Safari you can earn 400 Satoshi in 15 minutes, while in this app you can earn 1500 Satoshi with the same exact. The potential that is offered is large enough, so you can quickly collect it into whole Bitcoin pieces.

This application has an attractive and complete appearance along with a guide on how to use it. You can also win attractive prizes here. In addition, this application is safe to use because it has the best security system, so you don’t have to worry when using it.

Unfortunately, Claim Free Bitcoin cannot be used on low-spec Android. You need to have a smartphone with Android at least 4.4 in order to download and use this application.

CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

In its use, CashPirate is not a direct Bitcoin-producing application. However, you can use Bitcoin as a payment transaction option or transfer to a Bitcoin wallet account.

This application is the easiest and fastest way to get Bitcoin for free. You can get it in the form of points by completing the tasks given, such as downloading applications or games, answering surveys, watching videos or advertisements, and registering for certain offers.

You can exchange points obtained from completing these tasks with Bitcoin. Enough with 5000 points, you can get Bitcoin. If you want more points, you can invite other people to use your referral code. With this, you and that person both earn 500 points.

What’s lucky about this application is that if that person has another referral code, you can get 5% from using the referral code. Thus, you can maximize your Bitcoin earnings together quickly. However, it should be noted that this application has a fairly complicated appearance, so it is not suitable for novice users.

Storm Play – Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum for Free

This application was formerly called Bitmaker which was developed by StormZ Global SEZC. The interface that StormZ provides for this application is too good and has many extra features, to make it easier for users to surf here.

Storm Play is a very popular and trusted application because it has two mechanisms to earn Bitcoins. First, you can get Bitcoin for free every 30 minutes just by opening the application and watching the video advertisement that appears. Second, you can do other tasks like downloading apps.

The nominal amount of Bitcoin obtained depends on the number of tasks carried out. Apart from Bitcoin, you can also get other digital currencies, namely Token Storm and Ethereum.

What makes this app different from others is that it includes a scoreboard to compare your earnings with other users, the function of being aware of how far your Bitcoin earnings have progressed. However, the downside is that there are often visible bugs and scam emails which are quite annoying.


The application developed by Sweatcoin Ltd. this is the most unique application because it requires its users to do sports activities in order to get free Bitcoins. The more sports activities, the more Bitcoins you get.

In addition to achieving a healthy and fit body, Sweatcoin users can maximize Bitcoin. This app works together by using the GPS region to scan and convert the way you exercise like running or jogging.

Each method applies the Bitcoin value in a certain quantity. You can get it every day just by keeping this app always running in the background of the smartphone.

Unfortunately, this app is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. However, you can always download and install the Sweatcoin app to wait for notification of its availability in your country.


The next application is MinerGate. This app was first launched in th. 2014. At first, this application could only be used on a PC, but now Android smartphone users can download it via the PlayStore.

How to use it is quite easy. You can immediately create an account, then choose the two options that are presented, namely mobile mining or cloud mining.

If you specify mobile mining, then your Bitcoin mining activity can be obtained using processes on smartphone chips. Meanwhile for cloud mining, you can offload it to the server by paying a predetermined price.

If you want to stop mining activities, you can, because this feature is already available. For this MinerGate application, the higher the smartphone specifications, the higher your chances of getting Bitcoin.

Crypto Miner

Another app that you can try is Crypto Miner. In a way, this application is too user-friendly. In fact, this application is also suitable for beginners.

To use it, you first need to login to the crypto mining pool then enter your mining credentials and specify the algorithm in the dropdown menu. However, the drawback is that you can’t arbitrarily determine the algorithm, because there are some that are paid so that you are free to access them.

AA Miner

AA miner is an ad-free or in-app-purchased Bitcoin application. If you are one of those app users who don’t like ads, this app is definitely for you.

You can get this application for free and start mining Bitcoin immediately. Apart from that, the app also includes 50 other types of cryptocurrencies and the CryptoNight algorithm. You are free to determine the quantity of chains you want.

NeonNeon Miner

The next application is NeonNeon Miner. The application launched in th. 2017 has a way of working like Crypto Miner where you can be brought into the mining pool.

In this application, you can mine in several crypto currencies besides Bitcoin, including Litecoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, and many more. The advantage of the NeonNeon Miner application is that there are detailed mining records and scripts that are automatically configured very well.

Droid Miner

Droid Miner is a mining application that does not display ads, similar to the AA Miner application. Its use is quite easy. In this application, you can mine several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others.

The superior feature of this application is that you can always run it in the background and deactivate the program when your smartphone is being charged.

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