Here Are The Best Android Karoke Apps That You Must Try –

Here Are The Best Android Karoke Apps That You Must Try –
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This is the best Android Karoke application that you must try. In listening to music, usually a person does not hesitate to sing freely to follow the lyrics for the lyrics of the music he hears.

The heavy workload in the work area makes many people tired, especially with the workplace atmosphere that is too focused and rigid causing many workers to look for entertainment when they come home from work or the weekend arrives.

One of them is karaoke, they can sing their favorite songs, karaoke is actually a fun activity to relieve pressure while working.

If in the past you had to rent a special place for karaoke with an hourly rental fee, now you can karaoke yourself at your place of residence with the karaoke application.

There are many suggestions for karaoke applications on Android that you can use anywhere, be it offline or online karaoke applications.

So, on this occasion, the admin will provide suggestions for the best karaoke application this year, which you can download for free.

And below, the admin will immediately give it to all of you about This is the Best Android Karoke Application That You Must Try.

A little bit

image 44

The first karaoke application recommendation is Smule. Maybe you have heard the name of this application, because it has been downloaded by more than 100 million users and is currently the karaoke application with the most users.

Smule offers karaoke with a selection of millions of songs from various famous artists in various parts of the world.

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Other features you can sing with other friends (duet), sing with (group) and also sing alone (solo).

Another feature that is no less interesting is the tone and video recording mode with various interesting effects.

There is also a feature for practicing singing for those of you who are just learning and also a feature for uploading recorded output to the Smule Songbook.

Application Name A little bit
Developer A little bit
Rating 12+
Downloaded 100 million


image 45

Not only for playing songs, it turns out you can use Joox as a music karaoke application. You are free to karaoke with millions of songs in the Joox application, from local to foreign songs.

To be able to use it, you can specify the Sing feature in Joox. You can also record notes as well as videos when singing solo, duets and also groups.

For those of you who are interested in trying Joox which is available on Android and iOS applications for free.

Application Name Joox
Developer Tencent Mobility Limited
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 million

Karaoke SingPlay

image 46

You don’t have to stop by the karaoke area, now you can karaoke with an Android smartphone. You can sing from a list of favorite songs that are stored on the smartphone you are using.

So you don’t have to download songs, just take them from the tracklist contained in the smartphone. How interested in trying? Please download it immediately on Playstore or App Store.

Application Name Karaoke SingPlay
Developer KineMaster Corporation
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 thousand

We Sing

image 47

The fourth best karaoke application recommendation is WeSing. This super-large prosthesis application made by Tencent technology from China has an interesting feature.

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WeSing can be said to be a karaoke social media, because users can follow each other and also add comments and likes to the output video recordings that other users have successfully uploaded.

There are features such as solo singing, duets and also groups with a wide selection of songs from the world’s top singers.

There is an offline karaoke feature without having to use an internet connection, if interested you can download it for the Android and iOS versions.

Application Name We Sing
Developer Tencent Music Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 million


image 48

StarMaker is the next good karaoke application from the admin, in terms of features it is not much different from the previous application.

There is a feature for uploading recorded output to social media so that other users can make comments and likes as well.

For solo singing features, duets and groups are also not left behind in this application. You can download the karaoke application for free for the Android version and also the iOS version.

Application Name StarMaker
Developer Skyline Interactive Inc.
Rating 12+
Downloaded 100 million

Yokee Karaoke

image 49

This karaoke application is actually called Yokee, but when you search on the Playstore or App Store it’s called Karaoke – Sing karaoke, Unlimited Songs with a microphone logo with a rainbow side color.

Yokee provides songs that come from abroad and within the country, you can sing while recording videos and after that you can share them with other users.

Interestingly Yokee has tone effects such as Stage, Hall etc. so that the tone you get is the same as the original singer.

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Application Name Yokee Karaoke
Developer Yokee™
Rating 12+
Downloaded 50 million

The Voice: On Stage

image 50

This karaoke application from The Voice presents a plan that is different from other applications. This application has the same goal as the world famous talent show “The Voice”.

You can sing the same as the original singer by following the song notes in the application.

So the better you are at singing according to the notes in the song, the better your score will be.

The results of this karaoke recording are in the form of a video, you can share immediately directly on the social media that you have so that your friends know.

Application Name The Voice: On Stage
Developer Yokee™
Rating 3+
Downloaded 5 million


image 51

This Singo karaoke application recommendation can be an option because of the availability of offline features, so you can karaoke without using an internet connection.

Another interesting feature and different from the others is the karaoke room. You are free to invite your partners to be able to sing together privately in the room.

Another feature that is no less interesting is the sound effect that you can set freely. So, if you are interested, you can immediately download it on the Playstore for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

Application Name singo
Developer Enes Kul
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 people

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

image 52

As the name implies, red karaoke has features for karaoke and also recording videos. For recording output problems, this application guarantees that it can produce audio recordings like the output from a music studio recording.

You can request songs directly if the song you are looking for doesn’t really exist, because every week new songs are added.

Another feature is the presence of offline karaoke, so you no longer have to be connected to the internet when you start karaoke.

Application Name Red Karaoke Sing & Record
Developer Bluecode Inc.
Rating 3+
Downloaded 500 thousand

The final word

Thus the admin’s discussion this time about the latest information for all of you, hopefully it can be useful and can also help, thank you.



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