Harvestella: How to Break Big Rocks

Harvestella: How to Break Big Rocks
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near the beginning to spareAccording to the story, players will be tasked with crafting a simple hammer to destroy the rocks surrounding their farm. However, this hammer only works on smaller rocks – large rocks taking up space in fields cannot be destroyed with this first hammer. Also, unlike many simulation games, players don’t upgrade tools by taking materials to a blacksmith – actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

For players to learn more advanced farming techniques to spareThe elemental fairies will need your help. As players progress through the game’s main story, they will investigate the events in each of the giant crystals known as the Seaslight, which control the world’s seasons. After completing each of these main quests, a new Great Faerie associated with each Seaslight will spawn on the farm. To unlock an enhanced hammer, players will need to complete part 3C and unlock the Great Earth fairy, then complete six quests from the Fairy Books to break large rocks.

Unlocking the Ability to Break Big Rocks in Harvestella

Unfortunately, the fairy associated with unlocking a more powerful hammer unlocks after the final part of the game. to spareThird part. Additionally, each of these subdivisions comes with its own dungeon and boss, as well as new useful jobs you can unlock like Woglinde and Sky Lancer. to spare this will make future fights easier. Therefore, besides each subsection having monsters leveled up to match the player’s in every chapter of the story, it is not recommended that players set out to finish the 3C chapter before the others, no matter how much they want it. Get rid of these pesky rocks.

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Episode 3C will take players to the Sacred Capital of Argene, where they will encounter a maze-like icy dungeon that will undoubtedly take at least a few days to complete, and a brutal boss fight that awaits at the end. To get out of injury, players will want to bring lots of food that helps restore their HP and stamina. to spare and be sure to note the main weaknesses of the monsters and the boss to defeat them faster. The morning after successfully defeating the boss, the Great Earth Faerie will appear on the player’s farm and they can start completing the requests section in the Faerie Book.

However, players must complete a total of six Fairy Requests to unlock the ability to destroy large boulders. This includes things like crafting a total of 100 times, creating Mayonnaise and Spice Makers, and completing side quests for the people of the Sacred Capital Argene. When Great Earth Faerie’s six requests are fulfilled, players will unlock the Level One Destroy Skill, eventually allowing them to clear their own power. to spare farm of all the big rocks.



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