Getcha Ghost Mod APK 2.0.109 (Unlimited money and gems) Download » Watch Get Whole Detail

Getcha Ghost Mod APK 2.0.109 (Unlimited money and gems) Download » Watch
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Things You Should Know About Getcha Ghost APK

International sports are starting to arrive with a new type, the game is called Getcha Ghost APK. It is said to be a new type because this game combines various game concepts in one game. The sport launched by DAERISOFT has been released since 2019 and has only risen in popularity in the past year.

In this Getcha Ghost APK game you can play various game modes. You can play Single Mode, 1v1 Duel Mode or play Giant Ghost Mode. Your main task is to collect ghosts to win the battle.

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The playing style in Getcha Ghost APK is Flip Primarily based Technique. This style of play makes the players take turns when attacking. However, long before you fight the monsters, you need to collect the ghosts to help you attack the giant monsters.

One way to be able to collect ghosts in this game is to look for these ghosts around you. Yes, you read it right. In Getcha Ghost APK you have to look for ghosts all around you. Maybe in your house is a legendary mini ghost lair.

To receive ghosts you need to turn on the camera via ghost capture mode in one of the sport features. This method is similar to the Pokemon Go sport in catching the monsters. The more ghost collections you have, the stronger your defense and aggression will be.

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The thing that is no less unique than this Getcha Ghost APK game is the battle concept. In this game you don’t fight exclusively using the various skills you have. in sports

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i You can only attack when the puzzle in front of you can be completed quickly. However, you should always remember. You are given a time limit to complete the puzzle and take down your enemies. Make the most of your time.

In addition to catching ghosts, to increase your power, you must also collect coins and ghost energy that you have. These two things are very useful for improving the skills of the characters you already have. In addition to winning battles in one of the modes mentioned above, you also have to complete missions in the ghost tower. That’s how you can win every match in this Getcha Ghost APK game.

Catch the Ghosts Around You

The meaning of catching ghosts in this game is not the same as catching those irrational astral beings, nor is it similar to the Ghost Busters who are trying to eliminate ghosts. Catching ghosts in this game is closer to the game Pokemon GO. You have to catch ghosts around you for you to make as an additional power.

The main characters in this game are not ghosts, they are a group of teenagers who can control ghosts and monsters. You will choose one of the characters as the chief of your team. Of course as a leader you must have a cool collection of ghosts and monsters. Even you need to increase the strength of the ghosts and the skills you have.

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Go to every corner of your house, you absolutely find the ghosts that are difficult for others to find. We really want to urge you not to play on the streets. Just use your home space as a play area.

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Versus The Ghosts and the Evil Moster

After you collect the ghosts and increase your strength, you need to get ready to face the ghosts and evil monsters that are ready to kill you. The battle you have to do in this Getcha Ghost APK game is a fight with these evil characters.

However, you can’t collect all the evil characters. You can only conquer the ghosts and wild monsters who are ready to help you increase your strength. If you’re lucky you might be able to tame those evil monsters.

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Also use the coins and ghost energy you have so you can increase your power level and collect fragments of legendary ghosts and monsters.

Starting from a Korean Anime Series

Sport Getcha Ghost APK is actually adapted from an animated series originating from South Korea. You may assume that this anime series is from Japan, you are very wrong. This sport comes from the South Korean animated series called The Haunted Home or Shinbi Condominium. In Indonesia, this animated series is better known as Shinbi’s Home.

This anime series increased viewing ratings when it was released on TV stations. In South Korea the series is shown on Tooniverse as one of the country’s only cartoon-only TV stations. In Indonesia, this animated series is broadcast on Web TV with exclusive dubbing from Indonesia.

Features of Sport Getcha Ghost APK

Before you install this game on your phone, it’s a good idea to read some important news that you need to know. Here are some news that we have prepared for you.

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  • Select Character – All the characters in this sport follow the characters in the animated series. You can choose Leo, Sara, Heewon, Koo Hari, Koo Doori, Shinbi, Geumbi and tons of other cool characters.
  • Select Accomplice – You are able to make an accomplice as a friend who can help you in a lot of fights.
  • Catch the Ghost – Catching ghosts from this game must be through the ghost capture feature. Turn on the camera and focus on your phone screen. Maybe there is a ghost that can be relied on in your house.
  • Solve Each Puzzle – The battle mode in this sport is TBS (Flip Primarily based Technique). However, you can only attack when the Puzzle in front of you can be solved properly.
  • Collect Coins and Ghost Energy – You need to collect some coins and ghost energy in order to win every game in this game. You can use these ghost coins and energy to increase the power level of the main character and the accomplice you have. In addition to winning the battle, you can also receive both things in the ghost tower.
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Download Getcha Ghost Mod APK – Limitless Cash

Downloading Getcha Ghost Mod APK on this page will make your gameplay easier. You can receive unlimited coins and ghost energy in this modified file.


You can download the unique Getcha Ghost game on Play Retailer if you’re ready to slow down in the game. However, if you want your game progress faster, you can download Getcha Ghost Mod APK on this page to receive unlimited coins and ghost energy.


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