Genshin Effect: All Dendroculus Locations in the Hadramaveth Desert

Genshin Effect: All Dendroculus Locations in the Hadramaveth Desert
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in the Hadramaveth Desert Genshin Effect Adds a huge area to the Teyvat landscape along with 55 new Dendroculi to heal the Seven Statues of Sumeru. Most Dendroculus locations in the Hadramaveth Desert are above ground and scattered among ruins, rocks and sandstorms. Others hide in cave systems and tombs that make Sumeru unique from other regions.

Similar to other 180 Dendroculus locations Genshin Effectthe easiest way to find these new Dendroculi is to use a Dendroculus Resonance Stone. Players recover this item’s blueprint by reaching Sumeru Reputation Level 8. Crafting a Dendroculus Resonance Stone on an alchemy table costs 5 Nilotpala Lotus, 5 Rukkhashava Mushrooms, 1 Crystal Pile, and 500 Mora. The stone will designate the general area of ​​the Hadramaveth Dendroculus desert or others. Genshin Effecthowever, it will not show on the map until players get too close.

All 55 Dendroculus Locations in Genshin Impact’s Hadramaveth Desert



number 1

Enter the underground from the south end of Safhe Shatranj. It was found in the right passage above a pit near a large root.


Enter the underground from the south end of Safhe Shatranj. Floating in the elevator in the passage opposite the entrance


Enter the underground from the south end of Safhe Shatranj. On the lap of the giant statue of the same animal in Cyno’s outfit Genshin Effectin the left passage.


In a dead tree.


In the cave northeast of the Promotion Camps. floating above a circular hole.


In the cave northeast of the Promotion Camps. Along the path behind the cave.


In the corner of the ruins.


Found after clearing sand in the “Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears” on a fancy platform.


Next to the Teleport Waypoint.


It floats inside the temple, near the roof.


Inside a cave in the Ruin Golem tunnels, which was opened during “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part 3”.


After “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part 3”, Ruin rests on the Golem’s lip.


Found by Liloupar’s fragment during “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part 3”.

page #14

On a dead tree trunk.


Under a Dendro Rock (a key mechanic) Genshin EffectSumeru) can be accessed using the Liloupar device.

page #16

On an invisible platform accessible by a large branch.

page #17

Along the cliff side.

page #18

Along a branch accessed during “Dune-Entombed Fecundy: Part 2”.

page #19

On top of a cactus.


Primal Construct from “Dune-Entombed Fecundy: Part 2” is in the battle arena.

page #21

Along the edge of the cliff.

page #22

It was found east of the Teleport Waypoint, near an air current.

page #23

Near North Sumeru Shrine of the Depth.

page #24

Behind a Dendro rock.

page #25

Behind a Fatui camp inside a cave.

page #26

Above Teleport Waypoint.

page #27

Floating on a dune.

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page #28

In a cave full of Fatui.

page #29

On a small ruin.

page #30

On top of the sandy cliff.

page #31

Near a half-dead tree.

page #32

In the Wenut Tunnels, along a ledge.

page #33

Behind a breakable wall near the City of the Dead area.

page #34

above the entrance Genshin EffectI’m Setekh Wenut.

page #35

On a rock in a crack.

page #36

In a tree above the crack.

Page #37

Near a small hilichurl camp along the sands.

Page #38

On top of a broken column.

page #39

In a branch along the slender crack.

page #40

On top of a giant broken statue under the cliffs.

page #41

On top of a broken column.

Page #42

In the ruins near Dendroculus #39, on top of a wall accessible by an invisible path.

page #43

In a half-buried tree with a torn banner.

page #44

Inside a Wisdom tent along the path.

page #45

On a dead tree with an orange standard.

Page #46

Drive an Anemo Monument west of the Dendroculus location, then glide east towards the Four-Leaf Seal. Use the seal and glide to an invisible platform that will lead you to Dendroculus.

Page #47

Behind a Dendro rock.

page #48

It’s on the top of a cactus, but unfortunately not a Henna Berries producing cactus. Genshin EffectCandace and her rise.

Page #49

At the bottom of a small cliff.

Page #50

Found in ruins accessed during “Dune-Entombed Fecundy: Part 1” floating on the ceiling.

page #51

At the top of a tree.

Page #52

Break through the Dendro rocks and reveal all four Dendro Monuments that will activate a wind current towards Dendroculus.

Page #53

In the Eternal Oasis below Mt. Damavad, in the eastern reeds, next to the water.

Page #54

In the Eternal Oasis below Mt. Damavad, along the western edge of the cave.

Page #55

In the Eternal Oasis below Mt. Damavad is inside a hollow tree trunk.

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Hadramaveth Desert brings the total of current Dendroculi to 235. As Sumeru plans to have 270 Dendroculi, this means there are areas yet to be released that house the remaining 35 Dendroculi. For now, players can enjoy the new challenge of traveling to each Dendroculus location. Genshin Effect‘s newest region, the Hadramaveth Desert.

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