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Spot72.com this time we will discuss about the Metamorphosis of Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes which have two scaly wings, a body, six feet long, slim in different shapes which can exceed 15 mm.

Including examples of perfect metamorphosis that occurs in an insect-class animal. The process of metamorphosis of mosquitoes that can be divided into 4 processes.

In this discussion, we will explain clearly and completely, namely the Metamorphosis of Mosquitoes. For a full review, come on… Check out the explanation as follows.

What are Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Metamorphosis

Animal Termination Mosquito is an animal belonging to a class of insects classified in the order Wyeomyia, Diptera, including the genera Anopheles, Psorophora, Ochlerotatus, Aedes, Sabethes, Culex, Culiseta and Haemagoggus with a total of about 35 genera, including 2,700 species.

In a female mosquito, the mouth can form a long proboscis that penetrates the skin of mammals (or in some cases birds or amphibians and reptiles) to suck blood.

Female mosquitoes require a certain amount of protein for the formation of eggs. Since the mosquito’s diet consists of honey and fruit juices which do not contain a protein, most female mosquitoes need to suck blood to get the protein they will need.

Mosquitoes can go through four phases with their life cycles of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. The speed of the first three ratings depends on the type and temperature. Only the female mosquito sucks the blood of its prey and has absolutely nothing to do with eating.

Because both males and females actually feed on the liquid nectar. Because it is the female mosquito that can provide nutrition to the eggs. Mosquito eggs that already need a protein found in blood to develop.

Mosquito Metamorphosis

There are several stages or phases in the life cycle or metamorphosis in mosquitoes, including the following:

a. Eggs

Not all of the mosquito animals need blood, only mosquitoes are known to suck human blood. Female mosquitoes can require blood for a sufficient source of protein and energy to produce eggs.

Once ready to lay her eggs, she will find a good and suitable place. Mosquitoes already need a watery place in carrying out the egg laying process, especially in a pool of clear water or in water that flows very slowly so that the eggs are not carried away by the flow of water.

b. Larvae or larvae

The larvae that have just hatched are called instar larvae. When hatched for the first time, the size of this type of mosquito larva is initially very small and difficult to identify. Mosquito larvae can be observed floating in a water surface.

With this process, it can eat and breathe through its siphon. The siphon has a location at the base of their stomach and resembles a snorkel. The larvae usually eat bacteria, algae, microorganisms and other organic substances in the water.

c. Cocoon or Pupa

After the mosquito larvae have passed through the fourth stage, the mosquito larvae or larvae can develop into a cocoon. This is this, is a stage where in this type of mosquito can change into an adult mosquito that can fly.

The process is similar to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Mosquitoes only pupate for a few days, which is usually 1 to 2 days and depends on the type of mosquito.

d. Adult Mosquitoes

Once in a cocoon or pupa stage ends, the pupal skin of the mosquito has split. Adult mosquitoes slowly and carefully emerge from the skin. After emerging from a pupal shell, the current mosquito can float on the surface of the water by resting there until its body and wings have hardened.

After the body has hardened, the mosquito flies by starting a new life. One of the first things that mosquitoes do is fly in search of some nectar that can be used as energy for future activities.

Mosquitoes are animals that belong to the class of insects classified in the Wyeomyia order, have two scaly wings, a body, six feet long, and are slender in different shapes, which can exceed 15 mm.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed clearly and completely, namely regarding the Metamorphosis of Mosquitoes. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for you.

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