Fire Emblem Engage Introduces Royal Priest Pandreo and New Online Features

Fire Emblem Engage Introduces Royal Priest Pandreo and New Online Features
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The official Fire Emblem Twitter account has provided new details about the Royal Priest Pandreo and online features that players can use with their friends in the upcoming version of Fire Emblem Engage.

Pandreo starts the game as the High Priest, one of the classes that masters the use of the Stave. Solm’s royal priest has healing powers that allow him to save his party members, and he always looks forward to the next feast, as he loves to have fun. Despite his playful demeanor, he is a very religious and honest clergyman. The video below, posted on the game’s Twitter account, shows some of the scenes from the game where Pandreo and Fogado are seen talking to each other. The High Priest is voiced by Genki Okawa in Japanese.

The Intelligent System has also revealed several online features that players can use to participate in “Encounter Battles”, consult the rank of Units, and find where friendly and enemy Units have fallen in battle. First, if players are connected to the internet, “Spirits of the Fallen” will appear on the map during battles. They can be found where friendly (yellow lights) and enemy (purple lights) units have been defeated in battle. Player Units will receive stat bonuses, items, EXP and other rewards if they send a Unit to one of these locations.

If players are connected to the Internet, they can view the ranking of Units and Emblems most used by other players on a given map. This feature can help players who are not sure which unit to send into battle. Finally, enemy soldiers and corrupted ones will appear from time to time if players go to places they have visited before, which can be seen on the world map. They can then participate in Encounter Battles and Trainings to gain EXP just like in regular battles.

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Fire Emblem Engage is nearing its release as the latest game in the hit RPG series will launch on Nintendo Switch on January 20.

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