FFXIV: Mount Ordeals Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)

FFXIV: Mount Ordeals Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)
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Rubicante of Final Fantasy IV fame has come Final Fantasy XIV. Like other Archfiends, this one is an alternate reality version and Final Fantasy IV. Still, fans of the game will see many talents and motifs return. This includes the attack names and Rubicante’s iconic theme song.

The battle in Mount Ordeals is part of the main story of patch 6.3. Players will encounter Rubicante after clearing it. Final Fantasy XIV Lapis Manalis dungeon. While the combat isn’t really mandatory yet, it will bring power weapons and cosmetics.

Mount Ordeals Extreme

First encounter with Mount Ordeals at level 90 Final Fantasy XIV Main story quest Untold Desires From Nahbdeen in Thavnair (x: 10, y: 10). This will be just the standard difficulty and to access the extreme version one will also have to speak to the difficulty level. The Traveling Poet In Old Charlatan (x: 12.7, y: 14.2). One will also have completed their mission before I Wandered Sharlan as a Lover To reach level 90 endwalker Extremes in general. The second fight can be farmed with many rewards worth the additional challenge.

Much of the battle consists of many area-of-effect attacks that will follow players. Final Fantasy XIVFrom Delubrum Reginae. It is highly recommended that players scatter all eight players separately, taking the different cardinal and intercardinal aspects of the circular map. The north and south must also be cut so that a standard light group of a tank, healer and two DPS can gather away from the other light group.

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Rubicante’s signature Final Fantasy XIV movement Purification Exam. The beacons outside the room will launch a conic attack if they’re blue, or half the arena if they’re red – but only if a ground fuse touches them. The roads on the ground will show the first traces of the fuse, but after 15 seconds the innermost and outermost roads will turn. YouTuber Hector Hectorson made a visual animation showing exactly where you need to stop to avoid this dangerous mechanic.

At this point the two Final Fantasy XIV light lots should be divided into their north and south sides. Different types of attacks will occur; four-person stacks, two-person stacks, and full separation. The map is bisected by other moving areas of influence, and if either side is too close, the damage from full spread will overlap and cause wiping.

A short minion stage will begin against six players flaming. The first will make multiple telegram attacks that can be easily dodge. Two of them will bind DPS and launch cone attacks; These DPS must face the mobs away from the rest of the party. The other two will also release the tank break strings, which the tanks should intervene and mitigate with a cooldown time. Finally, the sixth greater Greater Flamescent will continue to accumulate burn damage as a whole Final Fantasy XIV party makes it the main target to be dealt with first.

Flamespire Brand and Flamerake

Rubicante will transform and use two simultaneous moves. Four players will be marked for Flame Spire blooming world which requires spreading them all. A fifth player will get angry worldwhere they should be stacked with the remaining three unmarked Final Fantasy XIV players. Same time, flame rake It will pop up three times: first a “+”, then a “#”, and finally a box with an outer frame. The trick is that Furious Welt players stand right in the middle of the # point, while Blooming Welt players stay far enough off the edge and still avoid Flamerake.

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the boss will The Sweeping Victimwhere they will open a wide slit in front of them. Simultaneous, Final Fantasy XIV Players will scatter or stack according to the flower symbols under the Rubicante’s wing: stack for a single major, scatter for many minor symbols. There’s very little room behind the Rubicante, so the two players’ pairs will still be a bit close together even as they split.

last major Final Fantasy XIV attack Flame Tower Claw. All eight players will be marked for cleavage with a roughly 95 degree attack, one after the other. Also, those marked seven and eight, flame tower and if it stays on them too long the whole batch will be deleted. To solve this, the characters they just left must retreat and quickly take the rope until all eight are gone.

Flamecloaked Weapons and Mounts

Item level 625 “Flamecloaked” weapons will drop after combat. Good for those lacking players Final Fantasy XIV Moonshine upgrades. Despite its name, no real fire damage is applied, making it useful for all jobs. One random weapon at a time is dropped along with a chest that will spawn for the current job upon use. Players will also receive two Flamecloaked Archfiend Totems. A total of 10 items can be given to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han for a specific weapon. Later – possibly in patch 6.35 or 6.4 – 99 wards can be traded. Lynx of Righteous Fire to get on

Other possible rewards include an Orchestrion roll for the Rubicante’s theme. Red TattooA more direct horn to summon the Lynx of Righteous Fire and Pearl of Flames crafting item. The latter can be used by two different craft classes. Weavers can make Flamecloaked Barding for their own needs. Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo’s friend. Blacksmiths can instead craft the Infernal Archfiend Cloak, a wall-mounted painting for player houses or apartments.

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As with other Extreme mode fights, there is no weekly or daily limit, allowing players to constantly try and finish the fight. This makes Mount Ordeals a great option for supplementing or replacing gear in high-level raids such as: Final Fantasy XIVPandaemonium Abyssos raids. Trial should be active for the rest of the year, as collectors always desire mounts like the Lynx. endwalkerlifecycle and even beyond to the next expansion.

Source: YouTube/Hector Hectorson Lessons

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