FFXIV: Endwalker’s End Fans Think Twitter’s Fall Predicted

FFXIV: Endwalker’s End Fans Think Twitter’s Fall Predicted
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With the recent storm of issues hitting Twitter after Elon Musk bought it, one fan claims to believe it Final Fantasy XIV predicted the decline of the website with its latest expansion. As Twitter becomes increasingly chaotic and unstable, it’s easy to compare the site’s downtrend to certain apocalyptic RPG stories.

recent Twitter user Irish fino tweeted this FFXIV prophesied that a blue bird would destroy the world because of a man. Many fear that Elon Musk’s changes will cause Twitter to shut down and put an end to the huge online community. This development is like an event FFXIV’s Endwalker The expansion that a man has created several bluebird people to help him understand emotions. They return to him claiming that there is no hope in the universe and that they will do the world a favor by destroying it and killing everyone. The expansion’s cutscenes tell FFXIVA cinematic story like never before, as a blue bird named Meteion transforms into a terrifying creature of destruction. Authoritative to further spread the joke Final Fantasy XIV The Twitter account tweeted about the shutdown, quoting the first line. endwalker introduction video.

FFXIV’s Meteion Shares Surprising Similarities With Twitter

the idea of Final Fantasy XIV Predicting Twitter’s fate is quickly becoming a meme, with community members noting that Twitter’s icon is Meteion, which is coming to destroy the world, or in this case, the site used by the vast majority of the world’s people. While Elon Musk didn’t create Twitter, it serves as an easy comparison to Meteion’s creator, Hermes. Endwalker’s The story tackles heavy existential themes, and given the possible consequences of Twitter being offline, such themes may be more relevant to modern times than the game’s authors intended.

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The possibility that Twitter will shut down, or more likely become unusable due to increased confusion, instability, and bugs, is reminiscent of what Meteion did to the settings. Final Fantasy XIV in the story. Using Dynami’s magic, Meteion tries to warp the world and cause apocalypse until the player and his friends figure out how to turn him around. They also manage to save Meteion, which could be a happy ending for the Twitter-comparing jokes. FFXIV prove even more convenient. endwalker It is considered one of the best expansions for FFXIVbut it’s doubtful that the game’s authors intended it to predict the fate of a social media site.

While Musk didn’t create the website himself, the idea that he’s turning it into a self-destructing entity that wants to destroy the world with him is too good to pass up. FFXIV fans. It’s too early to tell whether Twitter will be saved over time or by someone who knows how to fix the problems Musk has created, but that’s it. Final Fantasy XIV the community from making a meme that could take Twitter by storm and turn Elon Musk into a bigger villain than many already believe.

Source: Irishfino/Twitter, FINAL FANTASY XIV/Twitter



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