Euphoria’s Cassie Cast Wants More Single-Character Scenes in Season 3

Euphoria’s Cassie Cast Wants More Single-Character Scenes in Season 3
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Sydney Sweeney hopes Cassie will do more with a certain character euphoria‘s upcoming seasons. While the HBO series is heavily focused on Rue (Zendaya), most of the series’ cast come into limelight as the drama of their lives unfolds. In particular, Sweeney’s Cassie stood out. euphoria Season 2 is among teens for its equally hilarious and creepy displays of emotion stemming from her best friend’s growing obsession with her ex-boyfriend, Nate (Jacob Elordi).

Due to the large cast of the series, some euphoria The character combinations didn’t interact as much as others in the series, which was exacerbated by the clique-like nature of friendships discovered. during a view British GQ The video referenced this when Sweeney was asked why his character didn’t have more scenes from Angus Cloud with Fezco, the friendly and humble drug dealer who forms a fascinating bond with his sister Lexi (Maude Apatow). euphoria Season 2 The actor stated that he hopes to increase his screen time with Cloud. Check out what Sweeney has to say below:

“I’m saying that, I’m asking Sam. [Levinson] Always to somehow connect Cassie and Fezco. Hopefully next season, I will.

Can Cassie and Fez Connect in Season 3?

Sweeney’s desire to be more onscreen with Cloud in season 3 may pay off, depending on Fez’s fate. euphoria Season 2 finale. While the character was arrested after the shootout that led to the death of his adopted younger brother Ash (Javon Walton), it’s unknown whether he’ll still be in jail until season 3 returns, especially if the season jumps forward as expected. . . Assuming Fez is out of jail and still roaming free in season 3, his interactions with Cassie may have come about organically due to his growing relationship with his sister.

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Fez and Lexi share a sweet bond that can become deeper and more trustworthy if she chooses to reveal the events that caused her to miss her game. The relationship between Lexi and Fez may also force Cassie to interact more with her sister’s new friend. Given Cassie’s petty nature, she may even try to seduce Fez into getting revenge on her sister for the game, which can lead to tensions between Fez and Lexi. euphoria season 3. If the relationship between Fez and Lexi deteriorates in season 3, perhaps Cassie can confront Fez in a misguided attempt to score some points with her sister after seeing her sister the way Lexi sees them in the game.

Alternatively, if Cassie continues her decline, she may go to Fez to buy drugs and even guns, believing she must defend herself against Maddy (Alexa Demie) after their brutal fight. If Fez decides not to engage in criminal activity in season 3 to avoid being arrested again, Cassie could possibly be the culprit of putting him back in jail, which would be an intriguing direction for the season and definitely fulfill Sweeney’s hopes for next season. After becoming one of the most teased characters euphoria In season 2, the possibility of interacting with fan favorite Fez in season 3 would definitely be fun.

Source: British GQ

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