Emily in Paris season 4 premiere date: What Netflix is waiting for

Emily in Paris season 4 premiere date: What Netflix is waiting for
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While we wait for the Emily in Paris season 4 premiere to arrive on Netflix, of course there’s a lot to wonder about! Take, for example, how the show unravels that messy season 3 cliffhanger, let alone when the streaming service is going to have new episodes to share.

The first thing that we should indicate here is pretty darn simple: We are going to be waiting for a long time to see what’s next. New episodes have not even started off production as of yet, and they may not for some time still. At the moment, we’d project that you could be waiting until at least the spring to get a lot of information about that — we’d be surprised if the show wanted to do a lot in the winter months but honestly, anything could still happen there.

Before Netflix can start to say much of anything about what the future will hold here, of course the first order of business is getting the cast and crew back at work! One thing has to come, after all, before all of the others. It won’t be until production is either done or close to it before the streamer starts to circle any particular dates. They don’t want to announce anything too early, after all, just in case something is delayed or pushed back until later than expected.

So when will you actually see the series back with new episodes? The earliest estimation we can offer is December 2023, mostly because this is the pattern that we’ve seen so far and we don’t see any real reason for that to be changed. Our hope is just that along the way we get at least a few teases as to what’s ahead … though we have a hard time thinking they will share that much on Emily’s love life. Why would they?

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What are you the most excited to see when it comes to Emily in Paris season 4 at Netflix?

Be sure to let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, be sure to keep coming back for other updates. (Photo: Netflix.)



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