Definition, Types, Structure & Examples –

Definition, Types, Structure & Examples –
– #Definition #Types #Structure #Examples this time we will discuss about Fictional Story Text – A literary work that contains fiction or is based on fantasy and is not based on real events, only on the author’s presentation.

The author’s perspective as a means to introduce readers to the actions, attitudes, characters, and various events that shape history in a work of fiction.

In this discussion, what we will explain in full is about Text in Fictional Stories. For a full review, come on… Check it out as follows.

Definition of Fictional Story Text

Fictional Story Text

Fictional Story Text is a word that comes from English fiction and means imaginary. Fiction is a story that doesn’t really happen.

In a broader sense, the idea of ​​fiction is an imaginary or imaginary literary work by the author and not an actual event. In other words, fiction does not take place in the real world, but is only based on human thoughts, imaginations or ideas.

Even if fiction is just the imagination of the writer, it still makes sense and may contain truths that can dramatize human relationships.

Fictional stories can be based on stories, events or life experiences of the author or other people that are seasoned with the existence of an author’s ideas.

Types of Fiction

There are several types of fiction which will be explained as follows:

1. Novel

The novel is a fictional essay that tells the pros and cons of the protagonist of the story, from the beginning to the end of the novel, which has an ending or climax.

2. Short stories

Short story is a rock of fiction that contains far less than romance or novels. However, short stories have a special charm, because they can be the first learning experience for writers when writing papers.

3. Roman

Romance is a fiction that has told about several characters in the plot. Romance has contained much wisdom in history and tends towards classic stories.

Fictional Text Structure

There are several structures in a fictional story clearly as follows:

  • Abstract, in a section is optional or may not be available. This passage has become a core of fictitious text.
  • Coda (Reorientation), a section that contains messages along with positive moral messages that can be selected from textual literature.
  • Orientation, including the introduction of the topic, background theme and characters in the novel. Located at the beginning and becomes an explanation of the fictional text in the novel.
  • Resolution, is a section that contains the solution to the core problem of the main character’s problem.
  • Evaluation, the part where the discussion about solving or solving a problem that has arisen.
  • Complication, namely the culmination of a fictional text, because in this section various forms of problems arise, complications usually in a novel become the main attraction for the reader.

Examples of Fictional Texts

Based on the features and types in fiction that can be explained above, here are some examples in fiction, including the following:

1. Example of Romance Fiction

There are many literary works in the form of romance. In addition, there are also many types of romance, for example Psychological Psychology, Adventure Romance, Romance Romance and so on.

There are several examples in a work of Roman literature, namely:

  • A Frog Wants to Be a Cow (Psychological Romance).
  • Si Dul Anak Jakarta (Children and Youth Romance).
  • Girl of the Four Ages (Romance Romance).
  • Searching for the Virgin Child Thief (Criminal and Detective Romance).
  • World Hell (Educational Romance).

2. Examples of short story fiction

Examples of short stories are often found in print media in Indonesia such as magazines and newspapers. Some of the short stories are:

  • Oh Mommy Oh Daddy.
  • Love Never Comes.

3. Examples of Novel Fiction

Similar to Romance, there are various works of literature in the form of novels nowadays, and we can easily find them in a bookstore. Here is an example in novel fiction:

  • Siti Nurbaya.
  • Dylan 1990.
  • When love glorifies God.
  • The sinking of the Vander Wick Ship.

In this text it is a word derived from English fiction and means imaginary. Fiction is a story that doesn’t really happen.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed in a clear and complete manner regarding Fictional Texts. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.



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