Daisy Ridley Advises Future Female Star Wars Actors

Daisy Ridley Advises Future Female Star Wars Actors
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Apparently ending her time on the series, Daisy Ridley has some advice for future women. Star wars actors. Through her work in the Lucasfilm series, Ridley has become an international star as Rey, the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy, who tries to restore peace to the galaxy by putting an end to Kylo Ren and the First Order, while learning about her mysterious family origins. He learns that he is descended from Emperor Palpatine. Although he was praised for his performance in movies, Star wars The sequel trilogy was met with a memorable reception with a huge split among the audience.

talking to Variation to discuss the Sundance premiere of your new movie Sometimes I Think About DyingRidley thought back to when he was working in a galaxy far, far away. He was asked if he had any advice for future women Star wars The actor expressed that there is a need for a former Rey player”don’t listen“fan response and confidence in the future of the series. Check out what Ridley has to share below:

The world is a crazy place. Setting things up is important. In everything, not just ‘Star Wars’, you try to be in the moment and enjoy what is happening because life moves fast. Amandla Stenberg can take care of herself. It’s been working for a long time. I sat next to an executive at the ‘Wakanda Forever’ premiere and they said: [‘The Acolyte’] Wonderful. Everyone knows how things are and how they can be. We all live through this, people saying too much and commenting too much. It’s very individual. Find the good in everything and enjoy.

Will Daisy Ridley Return to Star Wars?

Ridley wasn’t the only sequel trilogy actor to be at the center of online harassment from toxic substances. Star wars Fans, Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega, have been the target of a host of racist backlash in addition to the general toxicity. Despite this split, many viewers remained intrigued by the prospect of Rey’s return. Star wars franchise in the future. Ridley has been quite timid about the potential to return to a galaxy far, far away, previously “Always be Rey“While noting that you feel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Skywalker gave his character a fitting finale as he buried his lightsabers in Luke’s childhood home.

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Interestingly, Ridley ignited the spark in the major. Star wars Last December, in her social media posts, “nothing spoiled happensConsidering the 2020s Lego Star Wars Holiday Special It was a sequel to the sequel trilogy and saw Rey attempt to perpetuate the Jedi Order by training Finn in Jedi ways. continuation trilogy. While neither Ridley nor Boyega will reprise their roles on the Disney+ special, their characters are alive and well in the hearts of audiences for greater consistency. Star wars stories in the future.

Everything We Know About the Future of Star Wars

Even if Daisy Ridley never returns to the group, the future looks bright for her. Star wars franchise, especially in terms of its female stars and characters. In addition to the Disney+ series that Ridley mentioned, Amandla Stenberg-led acolyteRosario Dawson is currently in production Ahsoka series and miracle woman veterinarian Patty Jenkins is developing a Bandit Squadron The movie confirms that the work is still in progress after it was almost taken into the background lately. Audiences can revisit him while they wait to see what comes next in the series and Ridley’s potential return. Star wars redemption is now available to watch on Disney+.

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