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Bus Simulator Mod Apk Latest & Complete 2022 [Desain Free] » NewsExpoz
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Bus Simulator Mod – The many types of online games make us users smartphone can choose the game according to our talents.

Starting from war genre games, sports, entertainment, we can all find it in cyberspace. Not without reason this happens because games can be used as a means of entertainment to fill spare time.

And for you game users and players, especially games from Indonesia, you must be familiar with the Bus Simulator game Mod.

Or commonly known as BUSSID, Bus Simulator game Mod is a simulator genre recreation released by developer named Maleo.

This recreation will invite you to feel the excitement, joy and sorrow of being a bus driver. Because this game is designed to really resemble carrying a real bus.

Actually, there are lots of simulator genre games available on Google Play Retailer, but BUSSID is one that has complete features.

Recreation cellular bus simulator mod apk is very suitable to be played by those of you who like to play games to spend free time.

Because this game will provide a challenge for you to drive a bus like a real bus driver with fairly difficult road conditions.

You also need to know the Bus Simulator game Mod It is also listed as one of the 10 best games in Indonesia, you know. Where this is proven, it has been recorded that more than 50 million times this game has been downloaded on Google Play Retailers.

But if you download the official application from Google Play Retailer, you can’t experience playing with friends for free.

Therefore, on this occasion we will provide an active download link to download the Bus Simulator game Mod Apk, and before that, please see the discussion below.

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What is Bus Simulator Mod Apk?

Bus Simulator Mod

Bus Simulator Mod Apk is a simulator genre game that will bring you to feel the excitement and joys of being an Indonesian bus driver.

You will feel as if you are a real bus driver who can drive a bus in any area in Indonesia.

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However, if you play the official Bus Simulator application, you can’t fully enjoy the existing features.

Therefore, then the BUSSID version appears mod which will make it easier for you to access all features for free.

In addition, there are many other advantages that you can try and feel as lovers of this BUSSID simulator game.

One of them is that you can make or beautify the bus that you will use more coolly using all the available features.

Therefore it is highly recommended if you want to try the best simulator games you can use BUSSID Mod Apk.

Obtain Recreation BUSSID Mod Apk

Now, the next step is the step you have been waiting for, namely the active download hyperlink that you can use to download various types of BUSSID.

Because we have found and provided several hyperlinks of various types of Bus SIMulators Mod which you can use.

And what are the hyperlinks, you can immediately listen to the explanation we have been looking for and provide below.

Bus Full Strobo Led

Bus Simulator Mod

The first type of bus that you can play as an interesting game is Buss Full Strobe Led with the name Jetbus 3 Citra Lestari.

From this type of bus, you can play it with additional excitement because this type of bus has an elegant full strobe feature.

And if you are interested in trying to play the Bus Simulator game yourself Mod here you can download it “Here”.

Newest JB3 Bus

Newest JB3 Bus

Among the many types of buses operating in Indonesia, one of the most famous is the Sinar Jaya Bus. This bus is identical to the white and yellow colors.

Well if you are curious about how the driver drives this type of bus, then you can find it on the BUSSID simulator Mod Apk.

And if you are interested, you can directly download the JB3 Full Strobe Bus livery, you can download it “Here”.

Flat Full Strobe Bus

Flat Full Strobe Bus

Furthermore, there is a type of Full Strobo Ceper Bus which is very well known by the name Livery PO Haryanto. One type of Bus Simulator Mod Apk which is equipped with one driver and one kenek.

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Then this will make you feel the original atmosphere while on the bus. It turns out that not only in the real world, Livery PO Haryanto is also widely used in the gaming world.

And if you are interested in trying this bus simulator, you can directly download it “Here”.


Bus Simulator Mod

If you are interested in playing a bus simulator game mod you can try the type of bus that has the JB3 SHD Bus type.

Because in this type of bus simulator game you will find very clear Livery features and full strobe features which of course can be accessed for free.

Now curious how to get this type of bus to make a Bus Simulator game Mod the more interesting you are, you can directly download it “Here”.

Bus Full Anim 6 Velocity

Bus Simulator Mod

The fifth type of recreation Bus Simulator Mod The best is occupied by the Full Anim 6 Velocity Bus type, from this game you can feel the excitement of driving a bus.

What’s interesting about this game is that you can find a feature where you can use gears 1 to 6 in guide transmission mode.

Of all the other types of the most popular 2021 simulator games, this one is very easy to play, and if you are interested you can download it “Here”.

Bus JB3 Flat

Bus JB3 Flat

For those of you who are looking for a BUSSID game Mod Apk then the one that you can try to play is the type of Mod Bus JB3 Flat.

This recreation bus simulator is equipped with a very cool and unique livery feature that will add an exciting impression when playing it.

Moreover, all the features provided can be accessed by you for free of course it will be very interesting when playing this simulator game.

And if you really want to use and play it you can download it “Here”.

Ayu Butterfly Bus

Ayu Butterfly Bus

The next type of JB3 bus is the Ayu Butterfly Bus where this type is a type of Bus Simulator game Mod the best.

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Moreover, coupled with the full strobe feature complete with black and white dominance, it makes an elegant impression on this bus.

And if you really want to try playing this bus type simulator game then you can download it “Here”.

Cara Instal Bus Simulator Mod Apk

Already know all types of the best bus simulator games and have successfully downloaded the game on the device smartphone We.

Then you can then install the simulator application on smartphone We. And if you are confused to find out how you can listen to the following explanation.

Because if you download an application outside of Google Play Retailer then you need to take several steps.

  • First make sure you have downloaded “Application” through hyperlink which we have provided above.
  • Then go to the menu “Settings” on each of your HP.
  • If you have entered the menu “Further Setting > Privateness > Unknown Sources“You just turn it on.
How to Install BUSSID Mod Apk
  • And for all cellphones, the method is more or less the same as above and it is possible to use the language “Indonesia“.
  • Next you can enter the menu “File Supervisor”And select“Obtain“.
  • You can”Instal“applications that you have previously”Obtain“.
  • Wait until the process “Instal“It’s done and you can use it however you want.

So, those are the steps that you can use to install or install the BUSSID Bus Simulator game on Android smartphone We.


That’s our discussion on this occasion about Bus Simulator Mod Apk, hopefully the explanation above can help you all.

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And don’t forget to continue to support web site so that we always provide the best articles for you readers. For that we thank you and see you again in our next article.


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