Bleach Confirms The Real Reason For Choosing Squad Zero Members

Bleach Confirms The Real Reason For Choosing Squad Zero Members
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Ichigo and his badly injured friends recuperate in the Spirit King’s palace BleachThey learn more about Squad Zero and how they came to be. Joining Squad Zero turned out to be harder than it first seemed, because the first requirement is to do something truly historic.

When he first arrived, the urgent need was to treat the wounds of Renji, Rukia, Byakuya, and Ichigo, even if he wasn’t in as bad a condition as the other three. This included a trip to the castle of Tenjiro Kirinji, also known as the “Hot Springs Demon”, who is one of the members of Squad Zero and can use his magical hot springs to resurrect injured Soul Reapers. Healed first, Ichigo and Renji were sent to the next castle to get something to eat.

The second castle was ruled by Kirio Hikifune, a woman specializing in cooking and holding the title of “Grain King.” While Ichigo and Renji (and stowaway Kon) ate the grand banquet held in front of them, Hikifune explained that to join Squad Zero, one must first leave a lasting mark on history. bleach Soul Society, which apparently has existed for roughly a million years in its current form. Kirio acknowledged that his historical achievement was the development of artificial spirits that could be implanted in fabricated bodies and taken control of them. These formed the basis of the soul candies used by Ichigo and Rukia earlier in the series and laid the groundwork for the development of Mod Spirits like Kon. Before sending them to the next castle where they would train, the lord of that castle revealed that Oetsu Nimaiya was the inventor of the Soul Reaper’s iconic weapon.bleach Zanpakuto proves that these historic acts must be truly monumental to join Squad Zero.

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Squad Zero’s Impact on Soul Society

While the development of artificial souls by Kirio is fairly new, or at least new enough that Shinji Hirako still knows about active Soul Reaper Captains like Zanpakuto, Zanpakuto has existed for at least thousands of years, so Oetsu must really be ancient, even by the Soul Society. .standards. It is not yet known what achievements the other Squad Zero members have achieved that made them suitable for such an impressive position, but it is reasonable to assume that the remaining two members are even older and more famous than Oetsu, if that’s possible. With this requirement in mind, it’s interesting to imagine who might participate. Bleaching Next is Squad Zero. If it’s important to invent something important, it seems likely that he’ll be a Research Division leader like Mayuri Kurotsuchi, although his personality isn’t well suited for such a role. Counting the old Soul Reapers, Kisuke Urahara seems to be the obvious choice.

just to know it’s not BleachSquad Zero Soul Reapers are extremely powerful, but also historically significant, definitely making them more interesting, and it will be fascinating to learn what the rest of the members have created to achieve such high positions.

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