Blackpink x PUBG The Virtual Concert Schedule, Date, Time, Tickets And Live Stream Get Whole Detail

Blackpink x PUBG The Virtual Concert Schedule, Date, Time, Tickets And Live Stream
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Recently, news came that Blackpink is going to hold the first virtual concert named “The Virtual” in the PUBG mobile game.

It should come as no surprise that K-pop has dominated every industry ranging from the beauty industry to the entertainment industry. But slowly and steadily, K-pop is making inroads in the gaming industry. Now, a new video game and K-pop partnership are coming soon.

Blackpink x PUBG The Virtual Concert Schedule, Date, Time, Tickets, Live Stream

In 2020, the well-known mobile video game PUBG and Blackpink began working together and they have since continued it.

According to beta tester leaks from the beginning of July, PUBG was developing a new Blackpink-themed edition, replete with pink hearts for missions, avatars, a concert set, and an OST. The “concert set” is essentially a virtual concert and now it has finally been made clear.

Blackpink’s virtual performance in the video game PUBG called “The Virtual,” where the girl group will unveil a new song, was revealed by YG Entertainment on July 12.

Initially, fans of Blackpink believe that the new track is really the previously unreleased song “Ready for Love,” which was planned to be included in the group’s debut studio album, “The Album,” which was published in 2020.

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But soon, things went clear people are now eagerly waiting for the release of the concert and are trying to find out more about it. So, here’s what we know about it:

The Date Of “The Virtual” Concert

Blackpink’s performance is scheduled for July 22 to July 24 and July 29 to July 31.

Tickets For “The Virtual” Concert

Players may obtain the concert tickets on PUBG starting on July 15 at no cost.

More About The Concert

According to YG Entertainment, PUBG will host “The Virtual” performance, during which Blackpink will sing both previous classics and brand-new music.

In addition to “The Virtual” concert, players will also receive voice packs, gaming goodies and customized costumes for their avatars that will be donned by the four Blackpink members (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa) during “The Virtual” performance.

Players can collect these things from July 23 to August 31.

Blackpink has announced a comeback after a break of 1.5 years, appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone, embarking on a globe tour, and holding a highly anticipated PUBG concert.

Blackpink’s much-awaited comeback to music is scheduled to coincide with this concert. Although the band’s most recent album was released in 2020, new music is reportedly set to be released in August.

Tencent Games does indeed state that the virtual concert would include “a Special Track and new music video, designed and created specifically for this collaboration.”

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