Betawi Tribe – Origins, Culture and Beliefs (Complete) –

Betawi Tribe – Origins, Culture and Beliefs (Complete) –
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Betawi culture – Ethnic groups in the country of Indonesia, whose residents usually live in Jakarta. They are descendants of residents who lived in Batavia in the 17th century.

The Betawi people are also known as the native people of Jakarta who govern the Indonesian capital region. Betawi is a tribe that has something to do with the struggle of Indonesia.

In this discussion, we will explain in full and clearly, namely the Betawi Tribe and its origins. For a full review, come on… Check it out as follows.

What is the Origin of the Betawi Tribe?

Betawi culture is an ethnic group in Indonesia whose residents generally live in Jakarta. They are descended from a population that lived from the 17th century in Batavia.

Betawi is a tribe that is closely related in the history of the struggle of a nation state of Indonesia. Since the Dutch colonial era, the Betawi tribe has begun to develop. The uniqueness of this tribe is heavily influenced by the Dutch and Chinese who dominated the area in the past few decades.

Betawi culture

Some argue that the Betawi people come from marriages and ethnic groups from the past. In biological terms, those who claim to be Betawi are descendants of mixed blood from various tribes and nations who were brought to Batavia from the Netherlands.

The so-called Betawi people or tribes are among the newcomers to the Jakarta area, an ethnic group resulting from a combination of various other ethnic groups who already live in Jakarta, such as the Sundanese, Malays, Javanese, Makassarese, Bugis, Balinese, Ambonese, Chinese, Arabs, and India.

Betawi culture

There are various cultures in this tribe, among which will be explained as follows:

a. Traditional Clothing of the Betawi Tribe

Jakarta’s traditional clothing can be divided into traditional clothing for men and women. For men, they usually wear batik pants, coco clothes, sticky scarves or sarongs worn around the neck and hats, while women wear short-sleeved clips or headscarves, kebaya, and batik sarongs.

The groom’s undergarment consists of a robe and headgear, while it is made for the woman in Chinese style with a colorful blouse. The most common colors are black or red hearts.

b. Betawi Traditional House

The traditional house of the Betawi tribe is called the Kebaya house. The house is contained in the form of a stilt house a few cm above the ground. Judging from a style in its architecture, this traditional Betawi house has architectural influences from several countries such as Europe, China and Arabic.

The architectural style that resembles the style of other country houses can be seen clearly in the design of windows, doors, ventilation openings and some of the house ornaments that are located there. This house looks very simple, but still looks neat with a wooden fence around the house.

Examples of the Betawi Tribe

c. Music Art

Tanjidor is a Betawi art in the form of an orchestra. This art has been started since the 19th century. The instruments used usually consist of a combination of wind instruments with stringed instruments and percussion instruments. Usually this art is used as sending to the bride or at regional parades.

d. Martial arts

Pencak Silat is also known as a Betawi martial art. This martial art is played with 2 people playing in Betawi clothes, namely Koko clothes, Betawi belts and hats. Usually this martial art is used for equipment for weddings or other performances.

e. Betawi

The Betawi dance that has long been known in public is the Betawi mask dance. In the Betawi Mask Dance, you can see the three elements of art simultaneously, namely theater, dance and music. The musical accompaniment of the Betawi Mask Dance is extraordinary. Betawi masks grow and can develop in the suburbs of Jakarta.

Usually held when weddings, circumcision and oaths take place. In Topeng Betawi, dancers wear masks and tell stories through the art of movement. Now the Betawi Mask dance has been created. This makes the Betawi dance more varied.

f. Traditional food

Betawi traditional food is quite a lot of fans. Pieces of rice cake, sprinkled with bean sprouts and vermicelli with spicy peanut sauce are quite filling. Finding Ketoprak is not difficult because it is almost in every corner of Jakarta. Everyone knows how to pronounce the name Ketoprak.

This traditional food is quite easy to find in Jakarta. Usually, traders who sell Ketoprak use their carts. But now several restaurants also offer Ketoprak as a menu.


Most Betawi people follow Islam, but those who do follow Christianity. There are also very few Catholics and Protestants. Among the Betawi ethnic groups who are Christian, some claim that they are of a mixed ancestry of local and Portuguese inhabitants.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed in full and clear, namely regarding the Betawi tribe, culture and beliefs. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.

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