Best TAQ-V Gear in Warzone 2 (December 2022)

Best TAQ-V Gear in Warzone 2 (December 2022)
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If players are looking for a powerful firearm to dominate the battlefield in December 2022 Call of Duty: War Zone 2they don’t need to look any farther than the TAQ-V Combat Rifle. A weapon from the TAQ-56 family, the TAQ-V can deal a horrendous amount of damage with its lethal accuracy and high rate of fire. However, such power comes at a price, as the Battle Rifle suffers from low handling and mobility. Like most LMGs, the TAQ-V is built for heavy pushing or strong holding of a position.

However, that doesn’t mean that players won’t be able to sneak up on their opponents while using TAQ-V in December 2022. war zone 2. A Perk Pack option for this Battle Rifle will be Double Time and Specter for Ghost. Double Time helps compensate for TAQ-V’s lack of mobility, while Ghost allows players to quickly evade timeless situations or ambush opponents. In terms of equipment, the Flash Grenade offers CC for offensive and defensive tactics, while Proximity Mines are useful for defending one’s position from opponents.

Best Addons for TAQ-V in Warzone 2 in December 2022

Next up is a list of the best attachments for the TAQ-V in December 2022. war zone 2. These weapon mods were recommended by YouTuber EyeQew and further improved the Battle Rifle’s Accuracy, Range, and Damage.




pros and cons


18” Precision-6 Barrel

This barrel offers improved sensitivity for better accuracy when hitting targets from medium to long ranges.


ZLR Claw 5

This muffler provides noise suppression, extra range and recoil control.

  • Improvements: Sound Suppression, Projectile Speed, Damage Range, and Kickback Smoothness
  • Disorders: Aim Down Vision Speed, Target Stability, and Target Walk Speed

under the barrel

FTac Ripper 56

This textured front grip offers improved recoil control for better accuracy when firing.

  • Heals: Idle Stability Targeting, Hip Fire Accuracy, and Recoil Stabilization
  • Obstacles: Aim for Vision Speed ​​and Walking Speed

stock up

Tactical Brute Stock

This heavy stock provides greater stability and control, but the speed drops as a result.

  • Heals: Aiming Stability and Recoil Control
  • Obstacles: Target Downsight Speed, Crouch Movement Speed, Target Walk Speed, and Run Speed


50 Round Drums

This drum magazine holds 50 rounds of 7.62 ammunition

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Source: YouTube/EyeQew

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