Best M13B Recoilless Gear in Warzone 2 Season 1

Best M13B Recoilless Gear in Warzone 2 Season 1
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a firearm war zone 2 Warriors are advised not to miss this season’s M13B, an Assault Rifle that has the potential to be “recoilless” with the right equipment. Compared to other ARs Call of Dutythe M13B does not have superior damage output. However, its high rate of fire, excellent recoil control and deadly accuracy make it a killing machine when equipped with certain attachments. The primary downside to this AR is the lack of range; this means users will need to engage in gunfights at medium and close ranges.

When choosing an Advantage Pack for the M13B Assault Rifle gear war zone 2players are advised to choose the Specter Pack for their sneaky combat approach. The Double Time, Tracker and Ghost Benefits of this pack combine well with the appropriate Mobility and Handling features of the M13B. Since M13B users will be equipped with Ghost, equipping a lightweight secondary like the X 13 Auto would be ideal. Semtex Lethal and Stun Grenade Tactical are great equipment options for attacking enemy targets or escaping difficult situations while using the M13B. war zone 2.

Best Addons for M13B AR in Warzone 2

As for the M13B plugin installation war zone 2players are recommended to choose mods that improve the weapon’s Damage, Range, Recoil Control, and Accuracy. Mobility and Control can be reduced, but the solid recoil of the ball should make up for this disadvantage. youtube creator Metaphor designed the perfect attachment setup for a zero-kickback rig war zone 2M13B Assault Rifle:

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pros and cons


Herald D20

This tactical suppressor has a heat cap that holds shots, softens recoil and deals more damage.

  • Improvements: Sound Suppression, Projectile Speed, Damage Range, and Kickback Smoothness
  • Disorders: Aim Down Vision Speed, Target Stability, and Target Walk Speed


5.56 High Speed

Conical rounds of this ammunition type are designed to increase the velocity of the projectile.

  • Heals: Projectile Speed
  • Disorders: Damage Range


60 Round Magazine

This magazine increases ammo capacity at the expense of user agility and ADS Speed.

  • Heals: Magazine Ammo Capacity
  • Weaknesses: Aim Speed, Movement Speed, Run to Fire Speed, and Reload Speed

stock up

Bruen R90 Factory

This stock increases movement speed and recoil control.


Crone Mini Pro

This sight helps players locate targets quickly, with near-perfect vision and unobstructed vision.

  • Features: Precise Vision Picture
  • Obstacles: Aim for Downsight Speed

Source: YouTube/Metaphor

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