Best Arthouse, Avant-Garde Horror Movies of All Time

Best Arthouse, Avant-Garde Horror Movies of All Time
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When it comes to more artistic films, horror has a lot to offer. It’s not just that “gore can be art if done right” (it can be), but there’s more to the genre than just splatterfests with basic scripts. It’s true that horror films aren’t usually artsy, but when it happens, people look up and observe.

Horror and art aren’t part of different conversations. At least, they shouldn’t be. And if you’re looking for your next horror fix to use in those awkward conversations where horror is belittled, we’ve compiled a list of examples for you to use. These masterful, artistic, and often avant-garde horror movies don’t follow any particular ranking order, decade, or subgenre — they’re all art, and they’re all horror.

Let’s start with a very upsetting film. Director Gaspar Noé’s drastic fall down the rabbit hole isn’t frequently categorized as horror. It certainly misses a few items on the genre’s checklist. However, Irreversible is an extremely violent and disturbing visit to the hidden corners of the human soul, and the effect is inevitable horror when two friends swear to avenge a horrible offence no matter what.This is one of those films you can’t help but admire. It’s very well shot, and Noé’s goal of making a disorienting film is surely met through its reverse, non-linear format.

Regardless, you will probably only go through it once. It’s one of those horror experiences you will never want to have again, as necessary as it may sound.

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David Lynch’s version of a nightmare was recognized as one of the boldest films of the 70s. Today, Eraserhead sits among the iconic images of horror and genre cinema that everyone likes and nobody knows why. Everyone has their own interpretation of it and that’s fine. Lynch has never been easily understood and isn’t keen on making something for everyone, or at least someone for that matter. His vision is one of social distress through unsettling aesthetics and creative guts.

Nevertheless, all interpretations point to the same spot: One man’s frustration and anxiety is significant enough to compose a character’s arc that you will never forget.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s address to the modeling industry never feels like a random view that depends solely on its visual style to cause an impact. Despite its immaculate aesthetics, there’s a very well-written story here, with a horror twist that will indulge fans of a subgenre that’s seldom portrayed in modern times.

The pristine element of the modeling world is stained by the rivalry and jealousy that serves as the backdrop to the story. The Neon Demon is a fascinating film, by a very original filmmaker, that not enough people saw.

Panos Cosmatos makes his respective appearance in a list about avant-garde films. Mandy is a brutal experience with a storyline as simple as the fact that it was about damn time Nicolas Cage entered the world of arthouse horror. A revenge film by all means with a visual landscape that never feels restricted.

A fight that has chainsaws for swords? You got it.

Scarlett Johansson as a sexy alien? It’s a given. The mind-bending sci-fi drama Under the Skin is much more than a set of ideas put together to accomplish a disturbing experience. Glazer’s film feels emotionally jarring, as victims fall under the spell of a woman who traps men in a soulless void that’s artistic as well as horrifying.

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Under the Skin is a bleak and haunting horror experience with perhaps Johansson’s best performance, and a score by Not Levi that sticks to your mind like glue.

Tony Scott’s vampire film feels like a 97-minute music video with a compelling story. It’s a modern take on the aging element of vampire culture, and it tells the story of a love triangle between a doctor and a couple of beautiful bloodsuckers.

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The Hunger is part of the ’80s catalog of erotic films made by filmmakers with complete creative freedom to spell ‘sex’ in the process of the staging. Still don’t believe us? How do Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon sound for vampiric leads in a film by a director we miss every day?

Julia Ducournau’s approach in horror can only be compared to when David Cronenberg stuck to his style in his early career. Raw is modern ‘body horror’ while pertaining to a beautiful dramatic story so original it goes for a coming-of-age character arc.

The film is about Justine, a vegetarian girl who aims to become a veterinarian, but when she tastes meat for the first time, she realizes human flesh may be her favorite food. Curiously this could be the most ‘normal’ film in the list.

Things get weird. Really, really weird.

E. Elias Merhige’s experiment of horror is unforgettable. Shot in black and white, with a 16mm camera, Begotten looks bad on purpose, and you will probably squint while a robed character uses a razor to open up himself, while you try to guess what the hell the film’s about.

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Its plot is open to interpretation as it portrays the death of God, and his mother’s birth and further impregnation with the corpse’s semen as she brings him back to life through arousal. Do you want more? DVD copies may be pricey, but it can be discovered online.



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