Batman 2 Won’t Make The Past Sequel Mistakes Of The Dark Knight Movies

Batman 2 Won’t Make The Past Sequel Mistakes Of The Dark Knight Movies
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Batman 2 Director Matt Reeves explains how the upcoming sequel will avoid the Bruce Wayne issue seen in other Dark Knight movies. Released early last year with strong reviews from viewers and critics, Batman Introducing Robert Pattinson’s look at the Caped Crusader. The movie sees Pattinson’s protagonist form a temporary alliance with Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) to take down the Riddler (Paul Dano) after a series of attacks on the city. Shortly after the success of the first movie, Batman 2 It’s officially confirmed, with Reeves returning as co-writer and director, and Pattinson returning as DC superhero.

After recent comments confirming that he and Mattson Tomlin are working hard on it Batman 2 scenario, Reeves now explains in an interview collider that the upcoming sequel will avoid a Dark Knight sequel error from the past. Without going into too much detail about what he and Tomlin are up to, Reeves assures fans that the film won’t overlook Bruce Wayne as the emotional core of the story told. After all, villains like Heath Ledger’s Joker, Tom Hardy’s Bane, Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and Danny DeVito’s Penguin have been the stars of the show to some degree in the past. Batman movies. Check out Reeves’ full review below:

“For me, what I really feel is that I’m [Pattinson] very special in her role. My goal has always been to make these point of view stories that allow the character to always be the emotional center of the story. Because what often happens is, after doing the first one, suddenly other Rogues Gallery characters come along and somehow take control, and then Batman takes a kind of backseat, either character-wise or emotionally.

What Could Batman 2 Be About?

Currently, the land Batman 2 No one can predict, but the ending of the first movie may provide some clues as to where Reeves and his co-writer will take the story. Even though Dano’s Riddler is captured at the end of the movie and sent to Arkham, his plan still partially succeeds – part of Gotham City’s seawall collapsed and the city was flooded. It is not clear whether Batman 2 it will include a time warp, but if not, it could very well rally with Gotham still in an emergency. The flooding of the city could provide an opportunity for new criminals to rise, which Pattinson’s Batman will have to take down.

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As for the villains, Reeves’ sequel has a number to choose from. Although only briefly appearing in theatrical release Batmana deleted scene released later fully introduces the Joker of Barry Keoghan, the Riddler’s Arkham cell neighbor. It is possible that the sequel will see the Joker escape from prison. Batman 2But Reeves could also take the movie in a completely different direction. Some fans, Mr. Freeze brought to life in Reeves Batman universe, while others suggest Hush or Scarecrow could be an interesting addition. Court of Owls may represent an interesting new force for Pattinson’s hero to confront, while the organization has yet to be brought to life in live action.

Many questions remain about Batman 2but Reeves’ comment confirms that Pattinson’s character will yet remain the emotional focus of future stories. But Reeves’ interpretation does not exclude a larger-than-life villain or the return of Kravitz’s Catwoman, which was a huge hit in the original movie. While Reeves is still at the writing stage, it will likely be a while before fans find more concrete information on what Reeves has planned for 2018. Batman 2.

Source: Collider

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