Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Downed ‘Mystery Shots’ Amid CNN’s ‘NYE Booze Ban’ – Spot72

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Downed ‘Mystery Shots’ Amid CNN’s ‘NYE Booze Ban’ – Spot72
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CNN’s Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper didn’t let a ban spoil their New Year’s eve. During the “New Year’s Eve Live” special, the hosts downed non-alcoholic mystery shots to ring in the new year despite CNN banning them from consuming booze. Cohen and Cooper are known for their shots and cocktail broadcast every year.

From Pickle Juice To Apple Cider Vinegar

CNN hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper managed to give drunk feels to viewers despite CNN’s NYE booze ban. During the “New Year’s Eve Live” special, Andy and Anderson indulged in some non-alcoholic mystery shots and wore funky glasses so they couldn’t see what was inside the glasses.

Cohen and Anderson addressed “the elephant in the room” during the NYE broadcast, telling viewers that they would have something drinking-related every hour despite CNN banning them from consuming booze on the show.

At one point, Andy Cohen (54) shouted at the producers that he “needs tequila” after they provided the hosts with shots of apple cider vinegar, buttermilk and pickle juice. If you aren’t aware, it was reported last month that CNN would limit and monitor the evening’s on-air drinking, which was a bit disappointing for Cohen and Cooper, the longtime pals known for indulging in shots and cocktails during their annual broadcast.

On With The Toasting Game

As the two pals put on glasses to avoid seeing what’s in the drinks, Cohen explained the rules of the toasting game,  “We will take the shot, and then we will guess what it was.” The first shot glass included pickle juice.

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“Honestly, this is no different to me because alcohol, to me, all tastes disgusting,” expressed Cooper, before the duo took the shots. After toasting to viewers and throwing it back, Anderson and Andy coughed and guessed tomato juice before they gulped in pickle juice. Cooper said, “I’ve never had a pickle.”

Thereafter, the two gulped in buttermilk shots and later the two threw back apple-cider vinegar. “What could that be?! Andy idea?” Cohen asked Cooper as they both gagged. “Socks?! Or shoes?! Are we drinking the squeezed juice of a leather shoe?” Cooper disgustingly replied. After this, Cohen jokingly said, “I need tequila! Honestly!”

Wondering why this ban came in this year? Well, if you recall, last year, Cohen’s alcohol-infused rant on ex-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio put the host in a lot of trouble. He even called Ryan Seacrest’s production and staff a “bunch of losers.” It was a result of this behaviour that CNN banned its contributors from drinking on-air.

“We aren’t drinking, but we’re going to have a BLAST,” Cohen explained regarding the ban. “CNN said the correspondents will not be drinking. Anderson and I will be the people partying on CNN [though] we will be partying responsibly,” he explained in a previous interview. Well, the broadcast might have been alcohol-free but the hosts definitely had a blast.

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